Have a Skinny New Year's Resolution? Here's How to Diet According to Your Zodiac, There's Nothing Wrong Trying!


Who here has a resolution to have an ideal body in 2022? From diet programs according to blood type to personality, there are also ways to lose weight according to the zodiac. Maybe you've tried several diets, but from all the ways you are still not suitable for doing so.

Therefore, this time we want to give you diet tips according to your zodiac sign. Come on, take a look at the following article from Astrology Answer!


The Paleo diet is a great one for Aries as it offers high amounts of protein and a clean source of fuel. In addition, there is also a cheating day to pay for Aries' impulsiveness for a day or two. Aries can follow strict rules but also love to have fun, so this diet is perfect for this diet because it still provides a lot of energy for activities.


As a practical earth sign, you need to have a clear idea of ​​how much protein, fat, and calories you get from food. Optimal energy can be obtained if you know the right amount of fuel. Snacking is also recommended for Taurus so that they can maintain their energy needs. Launching from Oprah, while measuring their food they can also do light but consistent physical activity.


Unlike the earth element who likes routine, the air element is very curious and likes variety. According to the Astrology Club, Gemini needs to include oxidizing foods like fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that Gemini better organize his diet plan and reduce high-calorie foods.


Being one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, Cancer's dietary needs can change seasonally as they are very responsive to their environment. Cancers also tend to like being at home, they will love to learn to cook nutritious meals that are not too heavy.

Regarding the emotional side, preparing protein bars, or easy-to-prepare fiber-rich foods are good for Cancer to take to avoid the urge to fail the diet. In addition, it is also good for them to carry out a long-term fitness program.


Known to be competitive, Leos will be encouraged to live a healthy life if they take on fun diet challenges with their friends. Leo will be motivated to win and be able to achieve the ideal body goals. They also like high-quality supplements that they can talk to their friends about.


One of Virgo's greatest strengths is their organizational skills, so the best way is to plan a diet. Virgo can do grocery shopping, make scheduled notes, and use applications to count calories. In addition, it is recommended not to drink cold drinks while eating so that digestion remains good.


As a zodiac sign that tends to be forgetful, it's a good idea to ask a friend for help to oversee their diet program. This one air element zodiac should also not skip meals. Also make sure to eat a balanced diet, such as 4 healthy 5 perfect, because that will help them maintain a balanced life.


For Scorpio, there is no such thing as just trying. That is, they must ensure that what they eat is healthy and in adequate portions. Organic, preservative-free foods can make them feel better physically and emotionally by taking an in-depth look at how the food is made.


Sagittarius love freedom, so does their diet. Therefore, they are advised to explore healthy foods as well as their ingredients. That way they do not feel constrained, but have more choices in consuming.

Sagittarius' independent side also encourages them to choose whatever food they want. Sagittarius will enjoy eating sustainable and ethically sourced produce due to their idealistic and nature-loving nature.


When it comes to what's good to eat, Capricorns need food that maintains their disciplined work ethic and they need to know why it's important to eat at that time.

They can plan what to eat for the next week based on cost, health, and of course pleasure. Therefore, a systematic diet coupled with fitness is the best way for this zodiac.


They are a sign that will do things their own way. Their originality can emerge when they practice being honest about what they like in food, regardless of what other people eat. Sports that use the legs such as skiing, treadmill, and dancing are excellent calorie burners for them.


As the sign of the fish sign, Pisces tends to go with the flow of moods. Therefore, they can try drinking protein shakes to meet their daily nutrition. They can also try setting loose daily rules for the diet so that it still gives them some freedom, such as trying to eat at least one green vegetable each day.

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