Have a Dream of Solo Traveling? These 5 Women-Friendly Cities You Must Visit!

 As a woman who likes to travel solo, sometimes there are lots of things to consider before deciding to travel. One of the most important considerations is certainly related to the safety of the destination.

For those of you who are planning to travel abroad, it turns out that there are, you know, several cities in this world that are declared to be female tourist-friendly cities. About any city, huh? Come on, find out below!

Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Spain

If you hear the names of these two cities, perhaps what immediately comes to mind is the famous football club. Not only that, it turns out that these two cities are also claimed to be tourist destinations that are quite safe for female travelers who come alone aka solo traveling.

This is because of the minimal gender gap that occurs in Spain, especially the City of Madrid and Barcelona. With this, it is certain that the local community will appreciate your presence regardless of whether you are male or female.


You don't need to go too far, you can feel comfortable and safe when traveling solo in this neighboring country, you know! It turns out that not only champions in urban planning, walking alone at night while enjoying the atmosphere in Singapore is also considered safe for women. So, who wants to travel solo to Singapore?

Dublin, Ireland

Do you like destinations that are steeped in history but still female-friendly? The city of Dublin could be the answer. This Irish capital has been around since the 7th century and is a silent witness to the history of the Dublin Kingdom and the proliferation of the Vikings. With a relatively low level of gender discrimination, this historic city is perfect for you to visit.

Vienna, Austria

For those of you who have watched the film 99 Lights in the Sky Europe, you must be very familiar with the City of Vienna or Vienna. In the film, it is clear that this city is synonymous with beautiful architecture in its buildings. You can add this city to the list of cities that you must visit when traveling solo, because it is reported that in Vienna there are very few acts of sexual violence.

Zurich, Switzerland

Who is not familiar with Switzerland? The beauty of the natural landscape in this one country is indeed very difficult to resist. It turns out that besides being beautiful, in this country there is also a city that is included in the list of cities in Europe that are friendly to foreign tourists, both women and men. The city is Zurich. You can enjoy the natural scenery in this city without feeling afraid!

Those are five lists of cities from all over the world that are believed to be safe for women's destinations when going solo. Even though there are minimal crimes, there's nothing wrong if you stay alert and careful!

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