Guaranteed Fun and Anti-Boredom, Here Are 5 Fun Activity Ideas to Welcome the End of the Year with Friends


The new year is just a few days away, do you still have plans to celebrate it? Maybe this year you can't celebrate with your family because you are overseas or for other reasons. But don't worry, because you can celebrate New Year's Eve with friends!

The New Year's celebration with friends must of course be passed with an exciting and memorable agenda. So, what are some fun activities you can do on New Year's Day with friends? Here are 5 ideas for New Year's activities that you can do with friends, let's take a look!

Barbeque Party

This one activity is certainly not to be missed during the New Year celebrations. Barbeque is a mandatory agenda for every New Year's celebration for many people. You can choose your favorite barbeque menu, starting from chicken satay, meat, sausage, seafood, or just grilled corn, no problem.

This activity is also good for increasing cooperation and strengthening your relationship with friends. So that the barbeque is not boring, don't forget to prepare snacks and games to make the New Year's event even more exciting!


For you and your friends who like nature and adventure, camping is really suitable as an interesting agenda to welcome the new year. New Year's celebrations with camping can be a new experience because you don't just spend time at home or at the mall like you usually do. Make camping even more exciting with fireworks from the top of the hill can also be an option, here!

Road Trip

One more interesting new year's agenda for you and friends who like adventure, namely a road trip! Yup, road trips can be an activity you do in the new year with friends. This activity can also add quality time and become fun memories that you can remember when you are busy with each other's business.

Not just a walk to celebrate the new year, you can also refresh after experiencing a year that may be tiring. Psst, you can also save money because you have a joint venture with friends on a road trip!

Watch together

Even though in this Christmas and New Year celebration the government canceled the implementation of PPKM Level 3, you still have to be careful and maintain health protocols to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Especially now that Indonesia has confirmed the entry of the Omicron variant virus.

For those of you who want to celebrate the new year at home, you can do a Zoom movie with friends, here. You can still have fun during the new year with friends by watching together via the Zoom platform without having to meet in person. Choose your favorite movie, and don't forget to prepare a snack to make it even more exciting!


Welcome the new year with meditation? Why not! The turn of the year doesn't have to be just about celebrations and euphoria. Celebrating the new year with meditation can be an interesting idea that you can do with friends, especially if you both like exercise and want to improve your quality of life.

With meditation, you can evaluate the journey for one year that you have passed. In addition, you can also plan the next year to be a better year with various plans. In addition, meditation with friends can also make your relationship with friends closer and closer.

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