Going on Vacations and Throwing Stuff as Wound Healing, Self-Healing or Release?

Today, social media is no longer just a place to network with people all over the world. More than that, social media has also become the birth of popular terms which are then used in real life. One of them is 'self-healing'.

On social media, many people interpret that self-healing is an activity to heal oneself with fun and relaxing activities. These days, vacations and destroying things are two things that are often associated with self-healing from burdensome wounds.

Closely related to mental health, we try to find an explanation from the experts. A mental health expert, argues that the word "healing" is an abuse word today. "Everything is linked in the context of healing.

Furthermore, the self-healing that he learned was not like that. "As far as what I've learned, healing is how we look at ourselves, but don't get carried away in the thoughts and feelings at the time, by understanding this.

It could be that the healing we have been doing so far is not self-healing but self-running. For example, a broken heart, sadness, then healing makes a relationship with new people, it is not healing, but running away from sad feelings.

Healing Exercises That Can Be Done

Seeing the phenomenon of healing by slamming things, according to Adjie, this activity is also not healing. "Healing by slamming objects in the room, it's also not healing, but an outlet, even though healing is not an outlet and an escape.

Healing is an awareness and acceptance of all feelings and thoughts that are felt. To us, he explained the right healing exercises according to what he learned as a mental health expert.

One of the exercises for healing is to sit still, close your eyes, whatever feelings and thoughts arise, be aware of them, meet them, not be expelled, nor do we get carried away with those thoughts and feelings.

Truly healing is when we can rest from fighting and defend our thoughts and feelings.

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