Getting drizzled makes it easier to get sick than being showered with rain, really?


You may often hear that when your head is drizzled, you can get sick later, so it's better if it rains.

Apparently being exposed to rain can also make you sick, you know, even if you don't get hit by rain, many also admit that they are still not feeling well.

How could that be?

Cold Temperature Exposure

Whether it's drizzling or raining, it can really make you 'cold' or have a fever. This is due to exposure to sudden cold temperatures, thereby lowering the immune system and constricting blood vessels.

Besides that, it's a matter of habitual tendencies. That is, when it rains or before, we tend to do things quickly.

For example, immediately change clothes and replace them with warm clothes, or use an umbrella because you don't want to get rained on.

For this reason, even though we have been exposed to these low temperatures, we immediately look for ways to warm ourselves again. The possibility of the virus multiplying becomes smaller.

Compared to drizzling, because we feel that it is not so wet, we forget to bother using an umbrella, or change clothes afterward.

Even though the condition of the head may be damp, the body temperature has also decreased without realizing it. This allows viruses and bacteria to reproduce properly.

For this reason, it's no wonder that many people have a headache and catch a cold due to the drizzle!

Why Do People Who Don't Get In The Rain Still Get Sick?

So, what if the condition of the person claimed that he was not exposed to the rain at all?

Most likely because another person in the same room had the flu. Therefore, people in the same room are more susceptible to infection and feel unwell. What's more we tend to be in a closed place.

So that you don't get sick easily during the rainy season

If in the rainy season and during this pandemic you are required to do activities outside, then continue to use a mask correctly.

In addition, immediately dry yourself and hair when exposed to drizzle or rain, but before that always have an umbrella or raincoat ready.

And to maintain endurance, keep eating balanced nutritious foods every day.

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