From supine to upright like a soldier, these are the facts of a person's personality based on sleeping position

 If you were born as a Capricorn, you may have strong desires or are stubborn. If you are the last child, you may be spoiled. But did you know that sleeping position can also predict personality?

Research has found that body position during sleep is often related to the personality traits you describe when you wake up. Professor Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Center and the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, says that your favorite sleeping position can tell a lot about your personality. Like predicting temperament, introvert or extrovert, and the way you relate to other people.

Certain positions can worsen physical conditions while others can help reduce joint, hip, and spine pain. Want to know more? Let's see more reviews compiled from the following American Sleep Association!

Supine Irregular

This position looks like a starfish and is not often found. If this is your favorite sleeping position, then you are an adaptable person and a good listener. Although they seem greedy in bed, they are actually generous.

Tilt Like a Baby

This sleeping position is curled up like a baby in the womb. Fetal is also the most common position during sleep. Quoting from Better Sleep, sleeping in this position can imply introvert, sensitivity, and a desire to protect yourself.

Hands Under Head

In this position, you put your arms behind your head and lie on your back as if you were looking at the stars above. People who prefer to sleep with their eyes closed to the sky may be more creative and thinking. This personality is also loyal and will do anything to help his family and friends.

Straight Straight

This position resembles a toy soldier, in that you are on your back with your arms at your sides or slightly outstretched in a yoga pose. Just like a soldier, a person who likes this position may be rigid, disciplined, organized, and have high standards. Still quoting from Better Sleep, this sleeping position is said to be good for health.


Sleeping on your side with your arms outstretched as if you were grasping something out of reach. The name of this position may describe someone who is always dreaming, but is actually stubborn and they may take a long time to make a decision. They may also be more cynical than other sleep style personalities.

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