Feeling Always Don't Have Time? Rows of Wise Sentences from These Famous Figures Are Ready to 'Wake You Up'


It doesn't feel right, in a matter of days, the year will soon change. At a moment like this, it is not uncommon to feel the feeling that time has passed so quickly. However, everything that has passed with time has provided a lot of life experiences. Of course this can show how important time is.

Time is so limited for every human being, of course, must be used as well as possible. The characters also seem to agree with that. Even some of them make wise sentences about time.

Well, this is the right moment to see a few sentences from them to be used as food for reflection at the end of this year.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The name of this one is certainly familiar, especially for art lovers. Yes, he is Leonardo Da Vinci who is famous for his Mona Lisa painting. Leonardo Da Vinci made a wise sentence about time which reads "Time will always be available to those who want to use it".

This seems to give an idea to anyone who may feel that time is not enough or always argue that there is no time available to take an action, that as long as someone wants to take advantage of time, then that time will always be there.

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th President of the United States also gave a sentence about time. The sentence reads "Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the ax". From this it can be seen that to take an action requires good planning. Good planning can start by allocating the right time for each stage.

Like the parable Abraham Lincoln gave. The ax here is an object that plays an important role to be prepared in cutting down trees so it is necessary to allocate more time for it. That way the results obtained will also be more qualified and in accordance with the targeted time.

General Sudirman

The next figure who makes wise sentences about time is General Sudirman. This high-ranking Indonesian officer during the Indonesian National Revolution made a sentence that reads "Sometimes we are too busy thinking about difficulties so we don't have time to be grateful for God's grace".

From this sentence, it can be understood that in every time series, gratitude should always be attached so that life can still feel happiness. Focusing on difficulties will further distance you from gratitude.

Napoleon Hill

This famous writer from the United States also made a sentence about time. As for the sentence made by Napoleon Hill reads "Don't wait! There is no right time to start. Start from where you stand and the abilities you have. Better abilities will emerge along the way".

This sentence seems to emphasize to anyone to believe in their abilities and not to procrastinate something to make an effort to achieve their dreams. It is also in the process that many lessons will be found that can increase and become more capable.

Jean de La Fontaine

This French poet who was known in the 17th century also made wise sentences about time. The sentence made by Jean de La Fontaine reads "Sadness will fly away with the flapping of the wings of time".

This sentence seems to remind anyone that with time, sadness will gradually improve because in it there will be many processes that allow a person to recover from the wounds of his sadness.

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