Favorite Shoe Model Can Show Someone's Original Personality, You Know! Come on, Check Your Rack!


Shoes do not only function as footwear and style support. More than that, you can actually see a person's personality through the shoe model they choose, you know. This was researched by scientists from the University of Kansas in 2012.

Launching from Your Next Shoes, researchers from the University of Kansas found that the level of association between shoe taste and human nature reaches 90 percent! The following are various types of shoes and their meanings according to human nature.

Brightly Colored Shoes

Someone who likes to wear brightly colored shoes seems to have an extroverted personality. Bright colors show the openness of someone who is always cheerful and doesn't like to close.


Practical slipper shoes are designed to be easy to use. Not surprisingly, most users of sandals are people who don't want to be complicated. They are also lazy people with fuss.

Luxury Shoes

Fans of luxury shoes are hardworking people who like to make money. They don't like to let good opportunities slip away. Indeed, it takes a lot of money if you want to get luxury shoes.


Sneakers users are people who tend to be free and spontaneous. They are usually open-minded people who easily get along with other people. Not only that, sneaker users themselves are people who don't like to miss the latest trends.


Boots can support a more masculine and elegant appearance. Users of these shoes are people who are not afraid of all the obstacles that come their way. They dare to face various kinds of problems by remaining calm.

Latest Fashion Shoes

Some people like to buy the latest models of shoes so they don't go out of fashion. Apparently, people who have a habit of buying new shoes following the trend are people who are easily influenced by other people's words.

Old Fashioned Shoes

On the other hand, there are some people in this world who like to keep their old shoes without ever wanting to buy new shoes. It turns out that people like this have a loyal and patient nature.

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