Famously extravagant, these 5 zodiac signs must learn to be frugal in the New Year 2022


Beauties, you must have been surprised to hear that some people can't live without being surrounded by branded goods. These people are usually willing to spend a nominal amount of rupiah just to satisfy wants instead of needs.

You all understand that this extravagant nature can make us trapped in an endless cycle of earn and spent. You realize that you are no longer young, but you still don't have enough savings to guarantee old age.

Therefore, since it is nearing the end of the year, the zodiac signs who are famous for being extravagant must start making the word "thrifty" a resolution that they must achieve in the new year of 2022, right!


For Libras, who shop as if they are buying up the contents of a store that is cleaning the warehouse, it is hoped that they will be able to control themselves more in early 2022. Reporting from Pure Wow, the income and finances of the Libra zodiac are ruled by the aggressive-active planet Mars. It's no wonder that Libras, who are usually calm and crave balance in life, can turn out of control when they go shopping.


Just as Libra is ruled by the planet Mars in terms of income and finances, this zodiac sign of the fish is also under the planet Mars. Pisces is the type of sign that uses shopping as an outlet when life gets tough.

As a sign that tends to be fickle, Pisces is also easy to change tastes. The items they bought in the previous week, may not be used again the following week.


Sagittarius is led by the planet Jupiter which makes them like dynamic things. That's the reason that makes Sagittarius the zodiac known for being adventurous.

To satisfy his adventurous spirit, Sagittarius can spend a lot of money. In order to satisfy their curiosity about the taste of food at a five-star hotel restaurant or take a solo trip to a rising tourist attraction next door, they are willing to spend the savings they have accumulated with hard work in an instant.


Reporting from the Times of India, Aquarius are notoriously inconsistent in how they manage their finances. The weakness of Aquarius is that they can't help themselves when they hear the news of a new technology that is developing on the market. For Aquarius, it's better to have a new computer than a pile of investment balance.


Leo really tries to be careful in managing his finances. However, Leos can lose control when they buy gifts, both for their loved ones and for themselves. Leo's tendency to buy things that cost above the average makes his spending even more bloated.

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