Facts about Princess Charlene, from Outstanding Swimming Athlete to Reportedly Unhappy Married to the Ruler of the Kingdom of Monaco


The name Princess Charlene of Monaco is in the spotlight after suffering from health problems and causing her to undergo treatment in South Africa, separated from her children and husband, Prince Albert II. There has been no official statement regarding what illness Princess Charlene is suffering from, but after being separated from her family for so long, rumors spread about her and her husband.

In November 2021 it was reported that he had returned to Monaco although he had to continue to undergo treatment. Rarely speaking to the public, his figure often invites the public's curiosity. There is no smoke if there is no fire, which will be behind the rumors of a rift between his household and the ruler of the Kingdom of Monaco. Moreover, this issue has been blowing since they got married.

Here are interesting facts about Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Grown up in South Africa

Charlene Lynette Wittstock was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on January 25, 1978. Her parents are Michael Kenneth Wittstock by profession as Sales Manager and Lynette is a diver and swimming coach from Germany. They officially settled in South Africa when Charlene was 12 years old.

Become an Outstanding Swimming Athlete

Seriously pursuing swimming, Charlene focused on being an athlete and was successful in a number of championships. Like winning a gold medal and three silver medals at the All-African Games in 1999. A silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2002. And had time to compete for South Africa at the Sydney Olympics, 2000.

Married Prince Albert

Charlene first met Prince Albert in 2000 at the Mare Nostrum swimming tournament. And just officially announced their relationship at the Winter Olympics in 2006. The two had a lavish wedding on July 1, 2011.

Crying on Wedding Day

In addition to her lavish wedding party which is said to have cost up to 55 million USD, the media found that Princess Charlene cried bitterly on her wedding day. French daily L'Express in its news, as quoted from Vanity Fair, reported that Charlene had wanted to run away. Pasca found out that her future husband had another child out of wedlock while they were still in a relationship. Before establishing love with her, Prince Albert himself had two children out of wedlock.

L'Express also reported that Charlene had attempted to escape at least three times before her wedding day. The first is by taking refuge in the South African Embassy in France while doing a wedding dress fitting session. Second, when watching the Monaco Grand Prix. And finally, where he almost arrived at the airport in Nice, France but was dismissed by royal staff and persuaded to stay.

The Principality of Monaco itself vehemently denies this rumor.

Blessed with Twins

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene were blessed with twins named Gabriella and Jacques on December 10, 2014. Although Gabriella was born first, but following the rules of the Kingdom of Monaco, Jacques was appointed crown prince.

Eccentric Haircut

Often looking elegant and glamorous at state events, Princess Charlene became the talk of the town when she changed her hairstyle to be more quirky.

Active in Charity

Princess Charlene is known to be active in a number of charities by establishing the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation which focuses on providing water safety training for children. As well as the Chasing Zero program which provides education on the sustainability of the wild.

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