Exchange Gifts Become More Special, Here Are 10 Unique and Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas


Gift exchange is one of the most awaited activities during Christmas. If you want to give a unique and different gift, you can try various gift wrapping ideas with Christmas-themed shapes and ornaments, you know!

Some of the following gift packaging ideas you can try when you want to give gifts at Christmas. Guaranteed your gift will look more sweet, unique and interesting. Check it out!


Being one of the hallmarks of Christmas celebrations, packing gifts in the shape of a deer can make your gift look even sweeter when it is received by loved ones. They might not have the heart to open it, here!

Polar Animal

Wrapping gifts with this idea will certainly make the children excited when they receive your gift. You can try to pack gifts in the form of various cute polar animals such as penguins, bears, foxes, deer and owls.

Santa Claus Outfit

Identical to the character of Santa Claus, wrapping Christmas gifts in a typical Santa Claus outfit with a red shirt and black belt can be a great choice! Besides being easy to make, of course your gift will look more unique and distinctive.

Santa's Face

In addition to his distinctive clothes, you can also try wrapping Christmas gifts by adding Santa's face ornaments, you know! Various accessories such as Santa's hat and white fur balls can also be added to enhance the appearance of the gift.

Santa Claus

This red and white stick of Santa Claus is enough to grab attention when the moment of Christmas celebration arrives. You can try the idea of ​​wrapping a gift by tucking a Santa Claus stick tied with a matching colored thread to make your gift look even more eye catching!

Christmas Tree from Ribbon

Looks unique, apparently decorating gifts with Christmas tree ornaments made of ribbons is not difficult to do! You just need a green ribbon with red thread and wrap the two together in a pattern that resembles a Christmas tree. It's easy, right?

Wooden Christmas Tree

Besides being creative with ribbons, you can also use pieces of wood to make Christmas tree ornaments as decorations for gifts. Not only cute, this simple ornament will certainly make your gift look unique and different from the others!


You don't need to be confused if you haven't had time to buy wrapping paper, because the idea of ​​wrapping gifts with a simple snowman shape can really be tried. You only need white paper, color markers and ribbons to make your gift look even sweeter and funnier.


As a typical snack at the moment of Christmas celebration, wrapping gifts with a gingerbread theme can be an interesting idea to try. Instead of using real cakes, you can form gingerbread ornaments with flannel or chocolate clay.

Real Plants

Simple but classy, ​​you can try this interesting idea to decorate Christmas gifts. Of course, friends and relatives will be happy to get a gift with a beautiful appearance like this. You can combine spruce leaves, berries and various dried flowers.

Happy creating, Beauties!

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