Excessively Jealous Spouse? Could Be a Sign of Abandonment Issue, Let's Find Out Here!

 The term "jealousy of love" is not foreign to everyone who has ever been in a relationship. Some people believe that jealousy is a great form of affection for fear of loss.

But, have you ever felt overwhelmed when your partner was overly jealous? It could be that your partner has an abandonment issue!

Abandonment issues are excessive fears of abandonment and the possibility of being abandoned by loved ones. However, this fear turns into excessive possessiveness and makes your relationship unhealthy.

Before determining whether your partner is one of them, first identify the four characteristics of people with the following abandonment issues!

Insisting on Staying in an Unhealthy Relationship

People with abandonment issues usually have trauma in the past. They have been on the cusp of sadness and disappointment at the abandonment and abandonment of those who mattered to them. This makes him have high anxiety and even a phobia of loneliness.

The impact of this phobia makes him willing to do anything to defend those closest to him even if it has to hurt himself. For them, surviving an unhealthy relationship is far better than taking time alone and grappling with past trauma and personal problems. Being with the closest person is a distraction that makes him feel much calmer.

Too Often Insecure

Acceptance of others is something people have always struggled with with the abandonment issue. The desire to meet everyone's standards is based on his fear of being shunned by those closest to him.

This makes it difficult for him to find his identity because his life is dedicated to meeting other people's expectations. Despite trying to follow other people's standards, someone with an abandonment issue never stops feeling insecure. He will continue to question his shortcomings and blame his own incompetence.

It's hard to trust others

Easily jealous is a form of distrust in a partner. This is very visible in people with abandonment issues. He will continue to be suspicious and have the illusion that his partner always wants to end the relationship unilaterally.

Ultimately arises the desire to know all the details of the partner's activities and have control over the relationship. This form of control can be characterized by the emergence of unwarranted jealousies, excessive possessiveness, and relentless suspicion.

If this distrust is allowed to gnaw at the mentality of a person with an abandonment issue, he or she will always be afraid to make a serious commitment to the relationship.

Don't Dare to Say "No"

A person with an abandonment issue often has a hard time refusing someone else's request. He is so good at hiding his displeasure that others are often insensitive to how he really feels.

He will choose to put aside his discomfort for the sake of the satisfaction of others. Despite trying to prioritize the interests of others, people with abandonment issues can't stop over-evaluating themselves. He is afraid that if the people closest to him start to dislike him so that he will be ignored or simply abandoned.

Those are the four characteristics of people with abandonment issues. If you see this trait in your partner, invite him to talk about his heart slowly.

Give him an understanding that mutual trust is a must to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship. If necessary, offer your partner for professional help to recover for the common good.

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