Excessive Sadness when Children Go Away, Recognize the Term of Empty Nest Syndrome in Parents


When children are adults, they usually leave home and migrate to continue their education, work, or live life after marriage. Well, at that time, parents are prone to experience Empty Nest Syndrome or empty nest syndrome. What's that?

According to Psychology Today, empty nest syndrome refers to the sadness and other complicated emotions that parents often experience when their children leave the house. Parents will feel lonely and sad when their children leave the 'nest' and usually mothers feel more sadness than fathers.

Please note that this syndrome is not a clinical diagnosis, but it is simply a term used to describe feelings of sadness and loneliness. These feelings can be confusing and surprising because they seem to conflict with feelings of pride in a child's development.


Empty Nest Syndrome has several symptoms such as feelings of sadness because the child has explored a new life, loss, depression, loneliness, parents find it difficult when the child is not at home, worries about the welfare of children abroad, loses the purpose of life because usually busy with taking care of children.

If a parent cries excessively and for a long time, especially if daily life and work are impeded, they should seek professional help.


It's actually natural for children to leave their parents' home when they have reached a certain level of development and empty nest syndrome is not as bad as parents fear, as long as they build a good bond and communication with the child.

A positive relationship can provide all parties with good opportunities for healthy interactions, the child can work towards independence and the parent can enjoy his or her time.


Quoting from Web MD, the transition phase experienced by parents can usually last up to several months. To deal with this phase, parents can do several activities such as doing new hobbies, raising animals, sports, gardening, communicating with children, volunteering, and other useful activities.

Empty Nest Syndrome is not always bad, because there are also positive things that parents can feel while their children are overseas, such as a better relationship with their partner, having a feeling of pride when their child is successful, a better relationship with their child, being more free, and being able to have a good relationship with the surrounding, or relatives.

In life, there are always separations, including with parents, this is done so that we as children can live independently. But while traveling, don't forget to always communicate with your parents so you can treat their sadness and loneliness.

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