Every Mother's Struggle Is Valuable, These 5 Forms of Mom Shaming Should Not Need To Be Revealed!

 Mom shaming is a form of criticism, insults to bullying that is carried out by others against a mother because of the choice of parenting she has chosen. Of course, mom shaming is a scary thing for a mother.

Not only done by other people, but mom shaming can also be done by the closest people, such as family to friends. According to a study quoted from Very Well Family, people who embarrass others because of their parenting decisions actually feel inadequate in their ability to care for their own children. As a result, shaming someone gives them an outlet to justify their own beliefs.

Some people embarrass others because they seek recognition and validation. If everyone jumps in and agrees with their assessment of the other person, it can feel very rewarding even if it doesn't make it right.

Well, so that you don't fall into the ranks of people who do mom shaming, let's get to know some of the following forms of mom shaming!

Childbirth Options

Every mother has the right to give birth to their baby either at home, in a hospital, or in a maternity home using the desired method. You've also probably heard the phrase, "It's not complete if a mother hasn't given birth normally."

In fact, there are some things that can be desired and vice versa. Including several methods of giving birth which are carried out due to the condition of the baby and mother that is not possible.

You need to remember, every mother has the right to choose how she brings her baby into the world. Whatever method and place you choose to give birth, believe me, every mother is great!

How to Breastfeed

You may find mothers who exclusively breastfeed their children, but some other mothers are unable to breastfeed or choose not to breastfeed for various reasons. Whatever it is, every mother knows what's best for herself and her child. Avoid saying or commenting “why not breastfeeding straight away?” or “why choose formula when direct breastfeeding is better and cheaper?” It's a big no!

Comparing Child Growth

The development of one baby with another baby is certainly different. For that there is no need to compare, especially asking questions like, "aren't you worried that your child can't crawl yet?" or "Shouldn't your little one be able to sit up at this age?" These questions can trigger the mother's worries, you know! So, avoid giving comments like that!

Commenting on Mother's Body Shape

Commenting on a mother's physique and thinking that she doesn't take care of her body after childbirth will make a mother's self-confidence go down. Even if some moms get slim back, the comment that she's not taking care of her baby because she's busy taking care of herself is hurtful.

Commenting on Mom's Activities

If a mother needs to stay home or return to work it may be for financial, health or other reasons. Rest assured a mother has considered carefully.

Comments alluding to the me-time activities that mothers do to take care of themselves are also often easy targets. Self-care is important for a mother's relaxation. So before judging a mother badly for taking so little time for herself, remember that me-time can make a lot of people feel better about themselves.

Maybe, some people accidentally say words that result in mom shaming. It should be understood that hormones increase when you become a new mother, plus you feel tired from taking care of a baby. This means that a question or comment that you think is harmless can be viewed as hurtful by a mother.

So before commenting, make sure not to do any of the things above that might make a mom feel bad about herself and her choices, OK!

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