Even at Home, Fill New Year's Holidays with These 6 Fun Activities With Your Family, Come On!

 In this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, our movements are quite limited. Vacation activities to fill free time at the end of the year with family or closest people will certainly be affected and cannot be done as freely as before the pandemic.

But don't worry! Because some of the following simple activities can be done with the family to fill the New Year's holiday at home to keep it fun. Check it out!

Cooking Favorite Food

Cooking can be a choice of fun activities to do with loved ones while spending time off at home. Besides being fun, cooking together seems to be able to strengthen bonds in the family, you know! The delicious dishes that have been cooked can then be served and enjoyed while having various casual conversations. So much fun, right?

Doing Light Exercise

Yoga, gymnastics or workouts can be the right choice of sports activities to do with family members at home. Besides being able to establish togetherness and fill spare time, of course the body will become more fit by doing this one activity. Sports activities can be carried out regularly every morning in various spots in the house, such as the terrace or family room. Don't forget to invite all your family members!

Home Decoration and Cleaning

Already getting bored with the look of the same house? Or feel the house 'crowded' because there are too many things that are not needed? We can do this activity of decorating and cleaning the house with our family to fill our holiday time too, you know! Not only fun, of course, with this activity, we can get a fresh new home look to welcome a long vacation at home. So it's more comfortable, deh!

Caring for Your Favorite Plants

Not only can it be done by adults, caring for plants can also be taught from an early age to your little one. This activity is suitable for parents who want to teach their children to love and care about the environment. Besides being able to be the right learning method and being able to establish togetherness in the family, this activity will certainly make the atmosphere of the house greener and more beautiful!

Making Home 'Camping'

Now family camping activities can be done at home without reducing the fun, you know! A terrace full of grass or even a living room can be transformed into a suitable place for camping with loved ones. To make it even more exciting, don't forget to prepare a variety of delicious snacks and a fun spectacle to enjoy while camping later. Guaranteed your vacation will be more fun, deh!

Singing Favorite Songs

Confused that all karaoke spots are currently closed? No need to worry, because now we can turn our house into a fun karaoke room. Just prepare a USB mic and stream your favorite songs on the television. Invite all family members to join this activity. Besides being able to establish closeness, singing can also be a stress release activity, you know!

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