Entering the age of 30, these are the 3 online dating apps that are right for you


Match in God's hands, so the popular statement circulating in the community reads. If you look at it from a spiritual perspective, this term is true, but will God release it without human effort?

Social demands sometimes make this matchmaking affair more complicated. The older one gets, the more often one is required to get married. In fact, there is no written rule at what age a person must build a household.

While some people try to find a soul mate offline, some others choose to guerrilla through online channels or through dating applications available on the Android and iOS application markets.

In the following, we recommend three dating apps to meet new people and open up dating opportunities, especially for those of you in your 30s. That said, in their 30s, someone will be more concerned with a more serious life, so they want a quality partner in terms of characteristics and thoughts.


Maybe you are not familiar with this one application. Released in September 2012, Tinder has been around for more than 9 years in the online dating world. Widely used by teenagers, Tinder also still relates to matchmakers in their 30s.

This dating app, which is available on Android and iOS, can be downloaded for free. The way it works is by scrolling through the profiles of the people you meet there. Swipe left if you don't like it, and swipe right if you don't like it.

Quoted from Bustle, the May 2021 Statista report says that Tinder is the most popular dating app worldwide. You can find new people to meet wherever you are and open up opportunities for your soul mate.


This heterosexual dating app is very much in favor of women, because women have control over the interaction with the right profile within 24 hours. In addition, additional features are available for women to be more selective in choosing candidates.

That means this dating app is perfect for users over the age of 30 who tend not to want to spend time on things that aren't essential anymore, as dr. Marissa Tunis, licensed psychologist and dating coach to Bustle.

OK Cupid

In OK Cupid, you will be asked for detailed profile information. Starting from your name, age, to the political views you hold in the form of a questionnaire. Later, this information will be processed by OK Cupid so that you find candidates who are of the same type as your preferences.

This system can lead you to people who match your interests if you fill it out honestly and in detail. Oh yes, apart from smartphones, you can use this application on a personal computer (PC) too, you know.

Those are some recommendations for dating applications that you can try in finding new people to be your life partner. You can also upgrade the dating app to get more features than the previous version.

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