End of Year Discounts Make Wallets Break? Overcome it with 5 Anti-Waste Tips According to the Following Experts!

Towards the end of the year there are so many promos and discounts available. No doubt this can make many people go crazy shopping because they want to take advantage of these discounts. It could even be that items that are not really needed are actually purchased just because the lure is being discounted.

As a result of the 'crazy', not infrequently ended up making a broken wallet and drained savings. Can you relate to this condition?

So, how do you stop yourself from being extravagant when facing discounts at the end of the year? We has tips, so you don't break your wallet when shopping at the end of the year. Come on, check out the following tips!

Distinguish between Wants and Needs

The 'while discounted' mindset is one of the triggers that can make you extravagant at the end of the year. Therefore, it is important to distinguish which items are really needed and just wanted. This trick is important to keep you from being extravagant.

"What do we need? If by chance we need an oven because we're learning baking, then there's a discount, that's fine. But sometimes we just scroll. We don't necessarily need to," said Nisa.

In addition to distinguishing between needs and wants, Nisa also emphasizes avoiding shopping in excess. For example, because you are on a discount, you want to stock skincare in large quantities. In fact, it's not necessary. Better to spend what is there, then shop again.

Shopping in Awareness

Make sure to shop during the year-end discounts in a conscious state, yes! If you are in a state of exhaustion or tiredness, it is likely that you will find it difficult to control your shopping desire, which leads to waste.

"Are we shopping online and are we hungry, aren't we? Are we angry? When we are angry, we open e-commerce and end up shopping. Or are we no longer sleepy. Often, after spending time with children, we keep scrolling, 'Oh, it's funny. deh!', when you come what do you buy this for?" said Nisa.

When you're not feeling sleepy, angry, or tired, you're more likely to think twice and clearly before buying an item.

Avoid 'Pay at the End'

In addition to credit cards, facilities such as PayLater are now also widely used by most people, including discounts at the end of the year. However, Nisa does not recommend using this facility.

"I don't recommend paying at the end, because why was applying for a credit card so difficult in the past. Because making sure, those who have credit cards are people who have a steady income, they can almost certainly pay," he said.

However, if you choose to pay at the end, especially for consumptive purchases, you need to question the purpose. "Again, what is the need for that? It's like denial, we don't have money but want to have something," he added.

According to Nisa, there needs to be awareness that if we don't have money at that time, it means we don't need to buy, let alone 'debt'. Debt is okay, but make sure it's for something productive, for example for a mortgage or business.

Nisa also revealed two other tips so as not to be extravagant when facing discounts at the end of the year. Curious about anything? Come on, see more here, OK!

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