Duh, Still Confused about New Years? Here's a list of 5 fun activities you shouldn't miss to welcome 2022!


2021 is coming to an end. But some people don't have plans to spend the end of the year yet.

Surely you want to spend your year-end night with fun events or activities, right? Here are activity recommendations for those of you who are still confused about filling out your New Year's Eve activities. Listen here!

1. Burn

New Year's activities that you can do are grilling or barbeque parties. You can grill various kinds of food such as satay, sausage, corn, chicken, and so on. You can do this activity with anyone, friends, family, relatives. You can do it in the garden, balcony, or other open place, yes!

2. Fireworks Party

Fireworks have certainly become synonymous with New Year's Eve. You can have a fireworks party with your family, friends, and even your partner. But you have to be careful, you need to check the weather and the surroundings so as not to endanger yourself or others. Keep fireworks out of reach of small children, because they can be dangerous!

3. Me Time

Fun activities in the new year don't have to be done with other people, you can also spend New Year's Eve with me time. You can read a book, relax in bed, listen to music, watch movies alone in your room, and so on. Even if you don't join in the fun with others, this me time activity can be used as a self-evaluation for you to welcome the new year.

4. Movie Time

Movie time can also be a recommendation for you to spend your New Year's Eve. If you are lazy to go out, you can do fun activities at home.

You can spend New Year's Eve watching movies with various genres, whether it's action, romance, thriller, or your favorite genre. This activity is no less exciting to do with loved ones.

5. Family Time

You can spend your New Year's Eve with your loved ones, namely your family. With your family you can chat, joke, tell stories, travel, and so on. Activities like this can also strengthen relationships with each other, especially for those of you who rarely have time with family.

Well, those are some recommendations for year-end activities that you can do alone or with loved ones. Honestly, there are many other fun activities you can do at the end of the new year. So, already know what activities you want to fill New Year's Eve with? Hope it is useful!

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