Drakor Nevertheless Describe a Codependent Relationship, Know the Cause and How to Overcome It!


In Korean dramas, often the themes raised are very relevant to everyday life, including in love affairs. An example is a drama that is quite busy being discussed in 2021, namely Nevertheless.

This drama depicts the character Yu Na Bi (Han So Hee) who is willing to do anything for her partner, Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) even though he is not appreciated. This condition is known as a codependent relationship.

Broadly speaking, a codependent relationship is a relationship in which there is excessive dependence on a partner that leads to unhealthy outcomes. Usually, one of the parties is willing to sacrifice everything to their partner without caring about themselves. The goal is to be loved by their partner, not just because they care.

So, what are the characteristics of this unhealthy relationship? How to solve it? Check out the full explanation below.

Codependent Relationship Triggers

Every problem that arises, there must be a trigger that must be investigated. This also applies to codependent relationships. This unhealthy relationship often occurs in people who have had childhood trauma or have been neglected by their parents.

Generally, they will grow up to be someone who 'beg' for affection from others. Eventually this habit carried over to their personal relationships into adulthood. If not treated immediately, this condition can lead to mental health problems.

Codependent Relationship Characteristics

If you are feeling trapped in this unhealthy relationship, here are the characteristics that you feel when you are in a codependent relationship:

Difficulty making decisions in relationships.

Ignoring your own opinion and more concerned with the opinion of your partner.

Can't express personal opinion for fear of hurting partner's feelings.

Willing to do anything so as not to be abandoned by a partner.

Forget about your own happiness and consider your partner's happiness to be your top priority.

Feel guilty when you put your own desires first.

How to deal with a codependent relationship

In a relationship, there are some problems that can still be tolerated so that the relationship can last a long time without breaking up. Likewise with codependent relationships, breaking up is not the best solution to this problem. If you feel that the relationship you are in is still worth fighting for, there are several things you can do.

The following ways you can do so that your relationship returns to health and has a positive impact, namely:

Set boundaries for things that can be decided together and things that can only be decided by yourself.

Begin to be confident and confident in the decisions you have made.

Be firm about refusing if you feel uncomfortable.

Provide healthy support to your partner within reasonable limits.

Expand useful activities to improve your abilities, such as pursuing a hobby.

Stop thinking negatively about yourself.

In a healthy relationship, it's natural for both parties to fight for each other's happiness. Remember, you are as valuable as your partner and you also have control over your own life.

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