Don't Ignore! These 5 Signs It Seems That You Should Immediately Resign and Find a New Job!


Having a job in the midst of a pandemic like today is indeed quite difficult because there are many competitors and few job vacancies that require us to try even harder.

Unfortunately, when you get a job but feel uncomfortable and the pressure of the job is high, you often think about resigning.

But before choosing to resign, you should recognize the following signs so that you are more confident in deciding to leave your current job. Curious? This is the sign.

Physical Stress

If thoughts about work can make you tormented, not sleeping well, headaches, body aches and other symptoms of physical stress, then these are signs that your job is not suitable.

Quoting the Huff Post page, long working hours, a toxic work environment, an 'unsafe' economy, maybe this is the right time to let go of the job rather than keep trying hard to overcome it.

Crying While Going to Work

Career empowerment coach Melanie Denny says that if you often cry every day when you go to work, then it's a sign that you need attention.

"If you've reached a point where you're afraid to go to the office, it's definitely time to go," Melanie said.

Even though there are several reasons you feel that way, your mental health and well-being must be prioritized, meaning that you are starting to think about resigning from the office.


If you don't feel comfortable working in your current office, then it could be a cue you need to move in another direction. Listen to your heart that feels “inactive” when you are working.

If you're considering whether quitting is the right step for you next, then also consider how much this feeling of discomfort has affected all areas of your work.

"But when you generally feel uncomfortable with almost anything about your job, maybe it's time (to resign)," says Oprah Winfrey.

Fear Monday

The next sign is that if you are always afraid to face Monday, it means you have to stop working in your current office.

“We all dread Mondays from time to time, but even if the thought of work scares you the most, it might be time to go,” says Travis Bradberry, Chief People Scientist at LEADx.

Fear of Monday is quite common and is one of the biggest signs that you are feeling exhausted at work. You feel like the weekend is a day of liberation, but on a Sunday afternoon you're so scared to go back to work the next day.

Can't Develop

In your current office, do you feel that you cannot develop, both in terms of experience and skills you have? To quote the Purewow page, you have to ask yourself have you been offered some opportunities recently for a project?

Does your current job not allow you to come up with a new idea or a change? Or do you feel like you don't fit in with what you're doing? If you don't get what you want and you don't have room to grow, then this can be your consideration in making the decision to resign.

Are there any of these signs that you are experiencing? Even though looking for a job is not easy, but if you feel uncomfortable then you can choose to resign but with all the considerations that have been carefully thought out.

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