Don't Get Emotions, Here Are 3 Tips for Healthy Arguing with Your Partner!

 In a romantic relationship, every couple must have experienced an argument or argument. Regardless of how much they have in common, each partner will not have the exact same thoughts, feelings, or principles. And this is a natural thing.

Actually, debate is not a bad thing if it can be handled properly. In fact, debate is like a challenge for couples who are able to hone their communication skills with each other. According to Tray Kearney, a life and relationship coach, healthy debate can demonstrate a level of self-control and the ability to handle disagreements without being selfish.

So, how to argue with a partner in a good and healthy way? Launching from Real Simple, see the following review.

Active Listening

One of the keys to a healthy argument with your partner is active listening. According to Helen LaKelly Hunt, co-founder of Imago Relationships International and Imago Relationship Therapy, conflict activates the reptilian part of the human brain that makes a person fight, flee, or be silent.

However, you can get out of that trap if you pause before reacting and fully understand what your partner is trying to convey. "Try to calm whatever's going on in your head so you can really hear your partner," she says.

If you keep interrupting without letting your partner finish the sentence, it's a sign that you're not listening. Give them a chance to explain their point of view and make sure that you show that you really listen to understand, not just to counter their argument.

Express Your Desire Clearly

One thing to really understand when arguing is that your partner can't read your mind, no matter how long you've been together. Not clearly stating what you need will only make the debate more heated.

For example, when your partner is often late or not on time, you can explain that being on time not only makes you productive, but you also feel respected. A clear indication of what is desired can make for a healthier argument, even preventing a fight from occurring.

Find the Right Time to Debate

You and your partner must have busy schedules, ranging from work at the office, taking care of the house, making friends, and so on. As much as possible avoid arguing when you or your partner are going to do important things, such as a meeting at the office. This will only make the debate pointless and emotionally draining.

If there is something you want to talk about and if it contains things that are heavy and difficult enough to trigger an argument, choose a time when you and your partner are not busy and feel calm. You and your partner are likely to feel more relieved and can prepare yourself to discuss difficult things.

Even though arguing is sometimes needed in a relationship, make sure that the debate is still going well and healthy. And remember that you and your partner will eventually fight for things that are useful for the common good.

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