Don't be sad, here are 4 tips to overcome loneliness when celebrating the new year alone

 The new year is only a few days away. Have you prepared various plans to welcome New Year's Eve? New Year's Eve is synonymous with spending with loved ones. However, not everyone can celebrate it in a crowd. Some are forced or maybe want to celebrate the new year alone.

If you are one of those who celebrate the new year alone, either because of your own conditions or desires, it is inevitable that loneliness often becomes your friend. Instead of being excited about welcoming a new leaf, because you feel lonely, you feel down or sad.

But don't worry. You can still celebrate the new year alone and not feel lonely or sad. Come on, see the tips below!

Overcome Negative Thoughts

Being alone, it's no wonder that staying silent on New Year's Eve is an unavoidable activity. As a result, negative thoughts become easy to attack the mind.

You can overcome negative thoughts that arise by trying cognitive behavioral therapy techniques or cognitive behavioral therapy. When negative thoughts arise, try to identify them, evaluate them, then turn them into positive thoughts.

For example, maybe this year you spent New Year's Eve alone. However, that does not mean this will happen again next year. When you also feel that you are the only one celebrating the new year alone, remember that many other people are also in your current situation.

Self reflection

New Year's Eve is indeed the most suitable for self-reflection activities. Away from the crowds, take advantage of the serenity you get to reflect on what you've been through over the past year.

Don't forget to congratulate yourself for going through various events, whether they are happy or sad. Believe that the various tests you have passed will help you become a much tougher and stronger person than before.

You can also write a journal or journaling about the most memorable things during the past year. Not only that, also write down the resolutions you want to achieve in the coming year.

Doing What You Love

If you enjoy spending a quiet night away from the crowds, there's nothing wrong with treating New Year's Eve like any other night. You can do things you like, like movie marathons, eat your favorite food, cook, clean the house, or read a book.

If you like reading books and intend to make changes in the next year, try reading books on self-improvement topics that focus on interpersonal skills.

Contacting Loved Ones

Even though you're spending New Year's Eve alone, that doesn't mean you can't connect with other people! You can contact family, friends, and other loved ones to maintain relationships. Apart from telephone, you can also make video calls or Zoom and even play virtual games while waiting for the turn of the year.

Those are some tips that you can apply when passing New Year's Eve alone. Alone doesn't mean lonely!

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