Don't Be Dragged Into a Toxic Environment, These 6 Ways Need To Be Done To Stay Positive!


Surviving being a positive person in the midst of a toxic environment is not an easy thing to do. Especially when listening to chatter and negative talk every day from the people around, of course it can affect the way you think and behave. This negative influence can also sometimes be an obstacle for us to develop.

It's also possible that you are currently in this complicated situation. Where do you really want to get away from an environment like this, but it turns out that something doesn't allow you to leave this toxic environment.

Therefore, so that you are not easily influenced by the negative energy from your environment, you must know a number of ways that you must do so that you can remain a positive person.

1. Holding on to Your Own Principles

When a person has principles in his life, then he will not be easily influenced by others. Likewise, when you live in the midst of a toxic environment, the right principles of life will keep you from being a positive person even though those around you are negative.

2. Avoiding Negative Conversations

A toxic environment usually likes to talk about other people, whether it's a little wrong or right. Imagine if every day you listen to negative conversations like this, of course over time you will feel less comfortable. So, as much as possible stay away from gatherings of people who like to gossip.

3. Good at Positioning Yourself

In life, there are many things that happen outside of our plans. Maybe yesterday you planned not to get too close to toxic people.

But apparently, today suddenly there is something that makes you have to meet him. If you have this, then you must be able to position yourself well. Be good at responding to conversations and filtering the information you receive from them so you can stay neutral.

4. Broaden Insights

There are many ways you can do to broaden your horizons, starting from reading books, trying new hobbies, participating in various positive activities and others. When you are busy developing yourself in these ways, it will be easier for you to ignore a toxic environment.

5. Finding a Positive Online Circle

People who live around us may be toxic, but don't let your friends in cyberspace become toxic too. As we know that the environment of friendship also affects our character and attitude. Therefore, look for a more positive circle of friends on online sites so you can stay positive.

6. Consuming Positive Content


Do you realize that the content we consume on social media can also affect our point of view? If you see negative content too often, then usually the energy transferred to you will also be negative. But, if you see positive content every day such as affirmation words, productive videos, tips and tutorials and other positive content, then you can also become more positive even if you live in an environment that is not as positive as these contents.

Even though the environment is toxic, it doesn't mean you can't be a positive person. As long as the 6 things above you can apply in your daily life, hopefully you can still survive in an environment like this.

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