Do These Things If You Experience Sexual Violence!

 What to Do If You Get Sexual Violence. Well, we certainly don't want that to happen to ourselves. If you experience sexual violence or similar acts by your partner or anyone else, do the following!

1. Save and Calm Yourself

Sexual violence certainly leaves us deeply traumatized. Fear, panic, to anger of course surrounds you. If this happens, we need to save ourselves in a safe place and calm down to take the next step.

2. Report Police

If it is possible to visit the Police, then do not delay to report immediately even in the current condition. However, if it is not possible because you are injured and there is a danger sign, then report via hotline 110 (Police Service), 119 (Emergency Service), and 118 (Ambulance).

3. Don't Clean Your Body

It is important not to wash the body or bathe in these conditions. Not combing, cleaning the body, especially the vagina, and brushing teeth up to 24 hours after the incident.

4. Visit the Emergency Room (IGD)

If possible, apart from visiting the police, we can also directly visit the emergency room. Tell the conditions at that time and discuss with the doctor what steps need to be taken to make a police report.

Well, that's the thing to do if you get sexual violence.

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