Delicious and Delicious! These Rows of Pastries are Commonly Found on Christmas Day, Is There Your Favorite?


Christmas Day is just a few days away! In addition to home decorations, another thing that you should not miss to prepare is a variety of light dishes to welcome guests. Pastries are one of the mainstay treats at every moment of Christmas celebration.

Well, here are some pastries that generally always fill jars at Christmas. Have you prepared anything, huh? Come on, take a look!

Ginger Cake

Having a unique taste, ginger cake uses ginger, clove and cinnamon as the main flavor with a little added sugar or honey. These cookies are often beautifully decorated, according to the theme of the Christmas celebration.


Not only during the Idul Fitri and Chinese New Year, this cake filled with pineapple jam is also present during the Christmas celebration, you know! Having a delicious texture and taste from the combination of the soft dough and the fresh sensation of pineapple jam, it's no wonder that nastar has many fans.

Snow Princess

Snow white cake is also quite known in Austria by the name 'Vanillekipferl'. Sometimes, during the manufacturing process, cashew nuts are added which makes it even more delicious. The fans don't lose too much with nastar, you know!


If you are tired of eating sweet pastries, kastengel can be the right choice to eat! Always in a jar at Christmas, Kastengel is generally a snack while chatting casually with friends and family. For cheese lovers, don't miss this one cookie, OK!

Cheese Sago

No need to be confused if you want to enjoy cheesecake with a sweet taste, cheese sago can also be an option to fill your jar at Christmas! Apart from its delicious taste, this one cake is quite popular because of the melty texture that is given when eating it.


Being a cake favored by people of all ages, we can always find semprong when visiting relatives' homes to celebrate Christmas. The crispy texture and not too sweet taste will make us want to eat it again and again!

Chocolate Cake

If this one cake is usually a favorite of children. These cookies made from chocolate cereal or cornflakes with melted chocolate have a delicious taste as well as a very tantalizing appearance. No wonder this one cake is the fastest to run out!


Having become one of the pastries that has gone viral because of its beautiful appearance, maringu can be an interesting choice of treats to welcome Christmas. In addition to its beautiful shape, this one cake also has a melty texture with a delicious taste.

Butter Cookies

Being cookies that are always there in any moment, butter cookies can be the right choice to complete the list of snacks when Christmas arrives. What's more, now there are various brands of packaged butter cookies with a variety of cake variations and delicious flavors.

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