Delicious and Can Be Used as a Christmas Gift, Let's Gift Your Loved Ones with This Beautiful Dessert Box!


Welcoming the moment of Christmas celebration, it's not complete if we don't prepare gifts for loved ones. Not only goods, now you can try to give a variety of food with a beautiful appearance as a gift too, you know!

The following are some beautiful Christmas-themed dessert boxes that you can choose to serve as gifts when visiting relatives' homes at Christmas. Check it out!

Red Velvet

Identical to red, a red velvet dessert box can be the right choice to give as a Christmas gift. Besides having a delicious taste, this chocolate cake dish with a layer of white cream also has an attractive appearance so that it is loved by many people.

Strawberry Cheesecake

If you want to give a beautiful dessert box with a fresh taste, strawberry cheese cake can be the right choice. This dessert combines the savory taste of cream cheese as well as the sweet and fresh sensation of strawberry jam that will melt when eaten.

Ice Teler Cake

Not only served as a drink, now es teler is also available in the form of a dessert box, you know! The softness of the cake with the distinctive taste of es teler combined with various fruit toppings will make you unable to stop eating this sweet dish.

Klepon Cake

This one dessert box is suitable as an option if you want a dish with a distinctive taste of the archipelago. The combination of sweet and savory flavors from a mixture of coconut milk and pandan and a sprinkling of palm sugar will make the klepon cake dessert box perfect to serve as a Christmas gift.


Matcha and tiramisu are two dessert dishes that are very popular with many people. Combined in a dish, matcha-misu with a bright green color is suitable as a Christmas gift because it has a delicious taste as well as an attractive appearance.

Pandan Buko

A refreshing snack typical of the Philippines, buko pandan can be a dessert box option that is suitable for you to gift to relatives at Christmas. Besides having a sweet appearance, the delicious taste of coconut and pandan from this dish is guaranteed to make you fall in love.


This typical British dessert consisting of a combination of bananas and caramel sauce is a perfect choice for a dessert box gift at Christmas. This dish will spoil the tongue with various textures from the combination of pie and banoffee which taste very delicious.

Thai Tea Boba Cake

Being a viral dish lately, we can also enjoy thai tea boba in the form of a dessert box, you know! The combination of vanilla sponge cake with cream cheese and mousse thai tea and chewy boba in this dish makes it the right choice for Christmas gifts.


As a legendary dessert that has had many fans, this Italian cheese cake with a sprinkling of cocoa powder can also be chosen as a Christmas gift for loved ones. Besides being delicious, the tiramisu dessert box also has a very sweet appearance.

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