December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, here are 4 forms of caring and respect that we can do

 International Day of Persons with Disabilities (HDI) falls on December 3. This warning reminds us all that their rights and welfare must continue to be echoed, so that it should be fair to everyone.

Oh yes, every year the theme is different, you know. This year is the leadership and participation of people with disabilities towards a post-covid-19 world that is inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. This is quoted on the United Nations website.

So, what can we do to help enliven and support this?

You can participate in voicing the importance of eliminating the bad stigma against persons with disabilities and voicing their rights on social media, so that more people are aware. One of them by using twibbon.

Next, you can say: 'Happy International with Disabilities', as well as say 'congratulations' on other days that are celebrated, then you can follow heartwarming quotes and good wishes.

Like reminding again that we should be an inclusive society, equal to all parties, all groups.

Yes, use your voice for this good thing. And especially if you are now a certain position holder, then use it to actually make it happen. For example, providing easy and friendly road access for them, when you are working on a pensi event at school or campus.

To appreciate people with disabilities can be done from simple things, when you happen to interact. Quoting The Guardian page, there are unethical things that you should not do!

Among other things, they asked what type of disability they had, gave random advice, called them a miserable life, and immediately helped without asking first.

Therefore, we should remove the negative stigma. People with disabilities also want to be seen as normal, that is, they have the same rights as other people.

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