Continuous meeting, when does it work? Come on, follow these 5 tips to make meetings more effective!


Are you an employee of a company that often has meetings? How many meetings do you have in a week? Well, actually, this meeting or what is often called a meeting is an important and good way to bring together many people from various divisions to get ideas and get results, as revealed by Forbes.

But unfortunately, many workers feel "afraid" because the meetings that are often held make their working time unproductive because they have to leave their main job to attend meetings.

Don't be afraid anymore, from now on make your meeting time as effective as possible so that work is not neglected! Come on, check out the following tips!

Is the Meeting Important?

Brian Tracy International, a company that specializes in individual and corporate training and development, reveals that many meetings don't really need to be held. Instead, individual discussions can be held, starting with discussions with the most important people in the project.

Talk from the Most Important Thing

To avoid long-winded meetings, create an agenda that includes the 80/20 rule. Set the agenda so that the top 20 percent of things are the first to be discussed. This way if one person runs out of time, the other will cover the discussion representing 80 percent of the meeting material before time runs out. Making a priority agenda can also avoid a meeting discussing things that are unnecessary and outside the theme of the meeting at that time.

Take Notes for Summary

As you and your co-workers discuss each item on the meeting agenda, summarize the discussion and conclude and agree with everyone present. When there is mutual agreement, the meeting can start to the next discussion.

But keep in mind, discussions and agreements without assignments of responsibilities and deadlines for completion are a waste of time. Make decisions together with responsibilities and deadlines so that discussion time is not wasted. From this, it means, meeting members value the time of other meeting members.

Get Everyone Involved

Take the first few minutes to make sure everyone in the room says something in response to or finishes what's being discussed. This can give positive results in every meeting that will be held. Responses from meeting participants can be taken into consideration so that discussions or settlements can be completed effectively.

Take Notes to Publish

Notes from the results of the meeting containing the matters discussed have been answered and resolved. Publish the results of the meeting with the people involved so that the results of the meeting can be understood together without any lingering questions.

When your meeting is effective, you can get back to your main work. Make sure you concentrate during the meeting so you don't miss the material being discussed. Happy meeting, happy working!

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