Check the Shopping List, These 9 Menus Must Be Present During the Year-End Barbeque Party!


Welcoming the moment of the turn of the year, a barbeque party or barbeque party seems to have become one of the mandatory agendas to do. Besides being able to eat a variety of delicious foods, this one activity can also establish communication with loved ones more closely.

Well, for those of you who are preparing to hold a barbeque party, don't forget some of the ingredients that must be present during this barbecue party celebration, OK! Make sure you record your shopping list correctly. Come on, take a peek at the list!


As a snack that can be eaten while having small chats with relatives, grilled corn seems to have become a menu that should not be missed when welcoming the end of the year. Whether given sweet, salty or spicy spices, roasted corn will still taste delicious!


No one seems to be able to deny the delicacy of this very tempting beef. As a delicious and delicious snack that is loved by many people, it's no wonder that beef is also a must-have food ingredient in barbeque celebrations.

Chicken meat

Besides beef, the enjoyment of grilled chicken is no less tempting. With just a dab of butter mixed with soy sauce and a little chili, your grilled chicken is guaranteed to be the menu that most people are looking for! So, prepare a lot of chicken stock, yes!

Sausages, Meatballs and Assorted Tempura

Looks delicious with interesting and varied shapes, these various processed foods are generally a favorite of children. Assorted sausages, meatballs and tempura are really suitable as light snacks at a barbecue party while waiting for other menus to cook.


Having many fans, the presence of grilled fish is one of the most awaited moments at the barbeque party on New Year's Eve. Both with soy sauce and traditional yellow spices, grilled fish still has a delicious taste, especially when eaten with warm rice. Don't forget to prepare the sambal, OK!

Assorted Seafood

Fish and shellfish are very keto-friendly foods, as salmon and other fish are rich in B vitamins, potassium and selenium, but are actually carb-free. Seafood illustration/Photo: Freepik

Having a very delicious and authentic taste, seafood is one of the foods that should not be absent at a barbecue party. The delicacy of processed squid, shrimp, lobster and grilled scallops with a blend of home-made spices is sure to spoil the tongue of many people.

Assorted Vegetables

Who would have thought, vegetables also seem to have a delicious taste when processed by roasting. Besides being able to be consumed by vegetarians, this vegetable satay is also very suitable as a refreshing food after eating various kinds of meats and other dishes.

French Fries

French fries also seem to be one of the favorite snacks for New Year's Eve celebrations besides sausages, meatballs and various tempura. Having a simple yet delicious taste, this snack is also very suitable to be combined with any dipping sauce. It's really good to eat while watching movies and joking with relatives, here!

Soft drink

Eating a variety of delicious food from a barbeque party seems incomplete without the presence of freshness from soft drinks. In addition to drinking directly, soda drinks can also be created by adding milk or syrup which will make it taste even more delicious! But that must be considered, do not consume excessive soda, yes!

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