Cheating dreams are not always bad, it could be that you are experiencing these 3 conditions in a relationship


Dreams are sleeping flowers. Everyone who is asleep can dream without predicting when the dream will come and what dreams will happen. However, dreams can carry a self-warning for the owner, whether it's a warning about the future or the past.

Like what happens when you dream about infidelity. Although it has different meanings depending on the dream scenario, overall the dream of cheating reveals the state of a relationship that you have or have lived in.

According to certified dream analyst, Lauri Loewenberg, to Health Line, the dream of cheating is something you should be curious about because every thing in our dreams means something. Most likely, your subconscious is telling you or trying to get something done.

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Compiled from Health Line, the following is an explanation of cheating dreams according to Loewenberg and Aimee Barr, psychotherapists in Brooklyn, New York. It is said that there are three circumstances in a relationship that you may be going through.

Emotional Discontent

Infidelity is not just about sex. Likewise, the dream of cheating that occurs. "It's not about physical union and more about psychological or emotional union, which is represented by sex," says Loewenberg.

Furthermore, according to Loewenberg, the emotions you experience in dreams are very real and come from very real places. While the action plan is to distinguish what emotions are actually felt, such as feeling guilty, insecure, jealous, bored, anxious, angry, or overwhelmed.

Sexual Discontent

Although it's not just about sex, it's also possible that there are indications that the dream of cheating reveals your sexual life and you experience anxiety about it.

Marriage therapist Willard Harley, in his book, His Needs Her Needs, discusses at length how meeting emotional needs is fundamental to a successful relationship. According to him, couples who effectively meet each other's emotional needs on a daily basis report high levels of satisfaction, and vice versa.

From this explanation, Harley has learned that unmet relationship needs or emotional needs are the source of infidelity.

Unfinished Feeling

Bad experiences in the past are one of the triggers for nightmares. According to Barr, if your current partner is doing something bad, it's an indication that you need to continue to rebuild that trust.

Meanwhile, if your past partner cheated on you, maybe you are afraid it will happen again. Furthermore, to resolve unfinished or unresolved feelings, Barr recommends that you go to a therapist for mental help.

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