Careful! Watch Spider-Man: No Way Home Legally Only, Because There's a Threat of Cybercriminals or Phishing Awaiting


The euphoria of the latest Marvel film, Spiderman: No Way Home, of course, is still crowded. But make sure you only enjoy this superhero movie legally.

The reason can be a 'fertile field' for cybercriminals through phishing pages.

How does it work?

Quoted from CNN, Kapersky researchers are observing the intensive activity of online fraudsters ahead of the film's premiere. The result, the findings are in the form of many examples of phishing websites being created, which of course is to steal personal data in the form of your bank details.

So, to be able to watch this movie, users are asked to register and enter their credit card information. Then the money debited from the user's credit card as well as payment data was collected by cybercriminals, but of course not by showing the film as promised.

Attention-grabbing Fanart

The appeal of phishing pages is getting more and more attention because it displays fanart of all the Spider-Man actors. In addition, Kapersky researchers also found adware and even malicious Trojans that can collect information, change data, and interfere with computer performance, when users install certain programs.

These cyber criminals take advantage of the enthusiasm of the audience, especially for fans who have their own theories and have been following this film for a long time. So that the audience is made to want to know the answer to that theory by rushing to download a file that is actually dangerous.

To Avoid Phishing

Make sure you avoid suspicious links, such as links for early screenings of movies or TV series, even if they have a certain appeal. Like leaks from movies, and so on.

Also check the URL and spelling of the company name. Because the difference is 1-2 letters if you are not careful, it can trap you. Also pay attention to the files you download. Video files usually don't have an .exe or .ms extension.

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