Can Show Bad Personality, These 7 Body Languages You Need To Avoid!


In communicating, usually someone will also use body language. Without realizing it, body language can actually show our bad personality, you know.

Well, because it can show a bad personality or feelings that you don't like the other person, here are seven body language that needs to be avoided, compiled from Bright Side!

bend over

The first body language to avoid is bowing. Yes, this body language can indicate a personality that is less confident, unsure, and insecure. In order to be able to convince the other person, you should avoid this one body language, yes.

Crossing Hands and Feet

Crossing your arms and legs while sitting can show a bad character or personality in the eyes of the other person. This body language will make a person appear defensive, not open with others, and uncomfortable with the other person.

Scratching the Neck

Scratching the neck is one of the body language that is often used. If someone often does this one body language, then they are showing an anxiety or discomfort towards others.

Playing Hair

Playing with hair is also a body language that should be avoided. Because, this body language can show anxiety. Apart from playing with your hair, restlessness can also be shown by other body language such as tapping fingers or toes, touching rings, and constantly checking your watch.

Avoiding or Too Much Eye Contact

In communicating, eye gaze can also show a person's character or personality. Well, body language such as avoiding eye contact with the other person needs to be avoided because it can show a lack of confidence or dislike the other person.

In addition, making too much eye contact especially by staring intently at the other person should also be avoided. Because, this one body language can make the other person uncomfortable.

Rolling Eyeball

Maybe not everyone does body language like rolling their eyes. However, this one habit also includes body language that should be avoided. Yup, rolling your eyes can show disrespect in front of other people. If you keep doing this, it can make other people feel offended.

Biting Nails

Last but not least, finger nail biting. There are some people who are used to biting their nails to help relieve stress. However, this one body language can show a person's nervousness or even the other person thinks this habit is disgusting, you know.

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