Can Cause Depression, Here Are 4 Ways To Prevent Victim Mentality From Getting Worse


We often go through ups and downs in life. Bad things may happen in life, it could be because of yourself or other factors. However, people who constantly blame other people or situations for events in their life may have a victim mentality.

A person who has this condition will constantly complain about bad things happening in their life. Even if someone tries to help and come up with a solution, they will find excuses to make it look like the solution won't work. Those who try to help are often left frustrated and confused.

Derived from Environmental Influence

Victim mentality is not something that you are born with, this happens because of the influence of the environment. It could be due to past trauma from being hurt or experiencing negative events that keep happening.

Keep in mind, someone with a victim mentality is not always aware that he is in this condition. If not immediately prevented, victim mentality will certainly be very detrimental. The victim's mental attitude can also damage the sufferer's relationship with other people, it can even make the sufferer become frustrated and depressed.

Tips to Prevent Victim Mentality

The following are some ways that can be done to prevent victim mentality:

Build a Sense of Responsibility

A person with a victim mentality will usually avoid responsibility. From now on, try to make realistic life goals, recognize the potential that is within you and do it according to your portion.

In addition, focus and be consistent when doing each job, don't procrastinate. Gradually, you can develop a sense of responsibility for everything that is being done.

Learn to Forgive Yourself

Don't get too caught up in making mistakes and blaming yourself. Take your mistakes as lessons so you can be better in the future. Basically, everyone makes mistakes and forgiving yourself doesn't mean you're ignoring the mistakes you've made.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Having emotional intelligence can help in many ways, such as recognizing and controlling emotions well, making wise decisions and building empathy. Not only that, you can develop into a better person and avoid the victim mentality.


You can start loving yourself by doing fun things, such as pursuing a hobby, keeping a daily journal, or exercising. That way, you will be able to appreciate yourself more.

By pursuing a hobby, you also indirectly explore the potential and skills that exist within yourself. Of course you don't want to waste your potential and skills, right?

Victim mentality is not only detrimental to yourself, but also to others. Get to know the characteristics and do the prevention tips above so that you avoid the victim mentality attitude!

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