Bringing Up Your Spouse's Past Is Actually Provoking a Trust Issue? Check out the explanation Come on!


For some people, wanting to know about their partner's past may be considered a form of introduction in a relationship. Some people believe that understanding a partner's past will further foster trust in each other.

However, what happens if you go too far in bringing up your partner's past under the pretext of being curious? Instead of growing trust, you start to raise doubts about your relationship with your partner, you know!

Here are three reasons why bringing up your partner's past can actually provoke trust issues. Come on, see the explanation!

Turning the Past into Dispute

Uniting the two contents of the head is not an easy matter. Therefore, disagreement is common in a relationship. But the problem is when the dispute that occurs comes from the past of the couple.

Discussing your partner's past can be a positive thing if the goal is learning. But actually you have no right to bring up things that have passed.

If you bring up the past, you are deliberately looking for trouble from something that is no longer relevant and cannot be fixed. Then the dispute begins to heat up, you and your partner suddenly doubt the compatibility of each other. As a result, your relationship will crack in vain.

Shadows of the Past Affect Relationships

Bringing up the past often involves discussing past traumas and mistakes. This can make both parties feel uneasy.

If you do it to your partner, you may be worried if your partner repeats the mistake again and is afraid to go further with him. You start to doubt his ability to change for the better.

On the other hand, going too far to ask your partner about personal things can make him feel uncomfortable and depressed. You will make your partner always remember the failures and traumas in the past. As a result, he will not focus on the present, let alone the process of building the future.

Increase Insecurity

When talking about the past, maybe you will find a series of facts about people who have filled your partner's life before. You start comparing yourself with them, ascertaining whether you are the best and most worthy of accompanying them.

This can be painful when you realize that your ex-boyfriend has strengths that you don't have. You start to lure your partner to convince you that you are better than people who aren't even in his life anymore.

Your partner may be happy to reassure you. But, if asked constantly will make him tired of dealing with you. This cycle of trust issues can go on for a long time if it is not stopped immediately.

That's an explanation of how bringing up a partner's past can actually provoke a trust issue. Remember, couples have privacy that must be respected.

It's okay to talk about the past, of course, but don't use it as a weapon when there's a fight between you guys, okay!

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