Beware of Toxic Marriage, Here Are 5 Things You Can Do If You Experience It

 Ideally, all couples would crave a healthy relationship until the end of life. The positive relationship in question is the existence of reciprocity in terms of affection, attention, and mutual respect. But often it is actually tarnished by behavior that leads to toxic marriages.

Toxic relationships or toxic marriages have recently become a hot topic to discuss. The reason is, this can tarnish the sanctity of marriage so that it interferes with individual welfare and causes discomfort to the couple.

Worse, this toxic attitude is sometimes justified in the name of love, loyalty, and even religion. In fact, if not addressed, this can have an impact on a person's mental condition, for example causing depression. So how do you deal with a toxic marriage itself?

To get out of a marriage that has become a toxic relationship, it takes awareness from both parties. After recognizing the characteristics of these conditions, here are some things you can do to avoid toxic marriages.

Talk with your partner

When you realize that the relationship is not healthy, you should immediately discuss this with your partner. Do not forget to also pay attention to the level of emotional maturity of the partner so as not to cause conflict.

Having the courage to speak up will give your partner time to think about the situation. Thus, he could consider whether to repair or leave the marriage.

Ask Others for Help

Not everyone can solve their own problems. Sometimes you need someone's help to solve household problems.

Not to interfere, but only as a mediator so that there are parties who can provide a neutral solution. There's no need to be afraid or embarrassed to consult a marriage counselor because who knows, that is exactly what you and your partner need.

Dare to End a Relationship

Deciding to divorce is not easy. There are many considerations that need to be made so as not to cause regret.

But if there is no middle ground, then one solution is to leave the relationship. It's not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but think that you also have the right to be happy.

Leaving a partner is not easy, even because of an unhealthy relationship. Although sometimes feelings of longing will appear, this is normal. But you have to try to be consistent with the decisions that have been taken and put yourself first.

Thinking What To Do Next

If you have made the decision to quit and get out of a toxic marriage, then the next thing to do is how to deal with the transition period later. For this, you have to think carefully starting from the smallest things so that it will not backfire in the future.

Make More Time for Yourself

Being part of a toxic marriage is very detrimental, both physically and mentally. After ending it, even though the main problem has been resolved, of course there will be other disturbing things that may arise.

For that, try to take time for yourself first before deciding to open up and meet new people. Do things that you like positively or can also travel to places you have wanted to visit in the past.

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