Beware of Omicron Variants and Rainy Seasons, These 5 Simple Habits Can Boost Your Body's Endurance! Come on, do it...

 Since the beginning of 2020, until now, all people in the world are still worried about the presence of Covid-19. Even now a new variant appears, namely Omicron. This makes the government urge the public to reduce mobility and continue to implement health protocols properly. What's more, before Christmas and New Year's Eve, all people are expected to increase their immune system.

Maintaining body resistance during the Covid-19 pandemic and the current rainy season is something that must be done. This is done so that the immune system remains fit and can carry out activities as usual.

Therefore, you can start implementing some simple habits to maintain, while increasing endurance. Here are some simple habits that can increase endurance.

1. Sunbathing Routine

Sunbathing is one simple habit that you can do every morning to increase endurance. This is because sunlight produces natural vitamin D which can have a good effect on the immune system. Not only that, vitamin D from sunlight can also reduce the risk of depression and Alzheimer's symptoms.

You can routinely sunbathe in the morning for 10-15 minutes at 08.00-09.00 WIB or 11.00-13.00 WIB to increase the production of vitamin D in the body. In addition, you can also get vitamin D by eating salmon, mango, egg yolks, and mushrooms.

2. Adequate and Quality Sleep

Do you often stay up late? Well, you should start scheduling your bedtime earlier so that your sleep becomes more quality. Try to sleep more than seven hours, because if you only sleep 5-7 hours it can cause your immune system to decrease.

Adequate and quality sleep can stimulate the immune system and be able to fight disease pathogens that enter the body, so that cytokine substances in the body can increase endurance and avoid infection or inflammation.

3. Start exercising

Being lazy or lazy to move is one of the challenges for ourselves, right? Start to exercise regularly even if you do light exercise. By exercising you can avoid obesity, protect yourself from cardiovascular disease and the risk of osteoporosis.

Not only that, exercising can also help remove bacteria from the lungs and respiratory tract, thereby preventing you from colds or respiratory diseases. Exercise is very good for physical and mental health, so it can increase endurance.

4. Managing Stress

It turns out that stress can make the immune system decrease, you know. This is because when you are stressed, the body will produce the hormone cortisol which can make you stressed for a long time.

You have to be alert when you feel stressed or anxious. Therefore, you can manage stress by doing hobbies, meeting friends, doing self-care. You also need to think positively so that it can reduce stress and make you happier.

5. Drink Enough Water

Most of our bodies are made up of fluids, so it is important to ensure that our bodies have enough fluids for normal bodily functions. In addition, drinking enough water can neutralize toxins in the body and provide oxygen supply to the body's cells.

In the midst of a pandemic and busy activities that must be done, you still have to be able to maintain a healthy body. So you can do some simple habits that can increase endurance. Stay safe and healthy!

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