Besides Severe Sleepiness, Here Are 5 Signs You Really Need More Sleep


Adequate sleep every day, as we all know can provide many benefits. One of them is so you don't keep yawning and sleepy all day.

And the impact on health is also there. Among them you become less stressed, tired, and avoid mental problems. Indeed in some time we are often made to sleep, and try to feel fine the next day. Even though the body still gives the opposite signal.

Here are some signs that you need sleep.

Easy Sleep

Sleeping fast every night is indeed a fortune in itself. This means that you are not classified as people who find it difficult to sleep, even though the next day activities are already packed again.

But if you just touch the pillow, you go to sleep very fast, then it's a 'signal' aka red flag of chronic lack of sleep and fatigue!

Usually people will fall asleep as soon as 10-20 minutes get ready for bed, and if 30 minutes or more have not fallen asleep it is also a sign that you are not getting enough sleep.

Decreased sex drive

For married couples, if you find yourself or your husband having decreased sex drive, it could be due to lack of sleep.

Yes, because adequate sleep also contributes to a good sex life.


A study found that there is a link between lack of sleep and a higher risk of dehydration. The possibility is from the work of the hormone vasopressin that is not optimal.

The reason is that during sleep the body will produce these hormones to prevent dehydration.

Cravings for Junk Food

There is also a link between lack of sleep and weight gain. When you are sleep deprived, your body produces the hormone ghrelin, an appetite signal, and blocks the production of the hormone leptin, which tells your body that you are full.

When you are sleep deprived you tend to eat unhealthy snacks and are lazy to move or exercise. This combination can certainly ruin your healthy diet schedule!

Feeling Anxiety

According to research, there is a link between sleep and mental health. When you feel anxious or depressed, it can indeed affect the hours of sleep, and the impact when you don't get enough sleep can make you feel anxious and stressed.

If there is a heavy burden that you are feeling again, it's good to finish it immediately. Immediately seek help such as psychologists and psychiatrists to overcome this problem.

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