Besides Making Us More Confident, There Are More Benefits Of Having An Alter Ego! Anything?


Alter ego is a character or personality that is intentionally created by someone to be used in certain situations consciously. The character is usually an idealized image of himself that he cannot realize.

Although it looks the same, in fact this phenomenon is different from multiple personalities, you know. It is said to be different because someone who has multiple personalities does not realize what happens to him when he changes personality. Well, in the alter ego, this artificial character is often used as a commercial need.

For example Beyonce who turned into Sasha Fierce. So, what are the benefits of having an artificial character like Beyonce?

Become a More Confident Person

On Oprah Winfrey's 2008 show, Beyonce revealed when the show was about to start, the music started playing she would feel nervous, but then her alter ego Sasha Fierce started to take over and her confidence would build. Likewise, the way of speaking and body gestures given will be different.

The perception that this artificial character can increase self-confidence in its owner is emphasized by Celina Furman, a social psychology researcher from the University of Minnesota.

"We can all improve our emotional regulation, self-control, and general calm by choosing to embody another persona of La Sasha Fierce," she says.

Make it easier for you to adapt

Every character created is able to make us the person we want to be. Although on the other hand we don't realize how fragile our real personality is. Well, from this artificial character you can cover up all the negative things that might be in you.

Quoting from, creating an alter ego is a proven form of psychological distancing that allows you to adopt the personality traits you desire.

Departing from this perception, you will find it easier to adapt to different environments and situations, according to your needs.

Protect Yourself from Unwanted Things

When you are in a situation that makes you feel anxious and uncomfortable, the character that you deliberately create can take over all your problems and solve them well without other problems arising.

So, indirectly you can protect yourself from everything you don't want. This also applies to matters relating to feelings.

Alter ego can indeed give you a positive impact in your daily life. However, this artificial character or personality can also have a negative impact if it dominates your daily life, especially if you deliberately create it to do negative things.

So, self-control will be very important as long as you have this artificial character or personality.

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