Become a Millionaire in Your 30s? It's OK if you do this in your 20s


Have a lot of money, who doesn't want it? That way you can almost fulfill your every need and desire.

If you're still thinking maybe you can't be a millionaire in your 30s, while now you're in your 20s? The answer is maybe not. The definition of a millionaire is a rich person who has millions of assets.

So what can be done to reach that level? Check out the full range of these tips here.

Add Income Faucet

Maybe now you are a permanent employee in a company. Now to increase the amount of wealth, then you can add more than one source of income.

For example, by doing a small business, becoming a freelancer, having passive income, income from rentals and so on. There are not even a few people who have passive income that is greater than their monthly salary, and little by little they start to leave their permanent jobs because passive income can already be covered.

Not Often Expensive Self Rewards

Sometimes it's okay to eat luxury goods, it's called self-reward, right! But as much as possible not necessary with the aim that it can always be seen by others.

The reason is that this can be related to the amount of money that goes out rather than being saved. 'Save the base of the rich' also has a point, you know!

Shouldn't Be Done for Self Reward

Invest in Yourself Before Your Money

Having added income and saving money, does not mean the money is left alone. aka let your money work for you. For example, with the amount of money you have, you can invest in stocks, bonds, property, and so on.

Now, imagine the amount of money that you have kept from wanting to be seen by others, can instead be diverted to invest?

Postponing the pleasure now to put the money in an instrument (investment), which will be used in the future / future, and generate (money) which results are even greater.

But before you invest your money, it would be much wiser to invest in yourself. Because investing also has risks. However, this can be minimized if you understand before jumping in.

It's like reading many books about investing, attending seminars from knowledgeable and trusted speakers, instead of directly depositing money just because your friends are following along.

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