Are your sleeping hours messy? These 5 Tips Help Change Sleep Patterns to Become More Regular, let's do it for health!


Having a regular sleep pattern is certainly very necessary for everyone. Therefore, a good sleep pattern is very important, especially for health and body fitness.

If someone has a messy sleep pattern, it will greatly affect their daily activities. Then, how to improve sleep patterns that are already messy?

So here are tips for improving sleep patterns for those of you who have messy sleep times. Come on!

1. Set Bedtime

The first tips to regulate sleep patterns are to set a bedtime or create a bedtime routine. Health expert Heidi Connolly MD, advises that you adhere to sleep at the same time and do the same activity every night before going to bed.

So that the body will receive a signal that at that time you should sleep. To help you fall asleep easily, you can do things that make you relax.

2. Create a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

The next way to set a healthy sleep pattern is to create a comfortable sleeping space. If you feel comfortable with the sleeping environment it also helps you to fall asleep easily. Among them by staying away from noise, keeping the environment where you sleep, adjusting the room temperature to keep it cool, and so on.

3. Keep Anything That Can Disturb

Tips for getting normal sleep hours is to stay away from things that can interfere with your focus. Such as cellphones, laptops, food, and so on that can make it difficult for you to sleep.

Cell phones and other electronic devices emit blue light that wakes your brain up and makes it hard to fall asleep. Sometimes electronic devices, especially cellphones, can make you forget the time.

4. Pay attention to food and drink before bed

Sleep is not just a routine that must be done every day. But also the response of the liver, pancreas and other organs to the food consumed.

Eating too late can disrupt sleep patterns. In addition, the body will also store more fat and eating at night can also increase your weight, you know!

5. Avoid Naps Too Long

Napping does increase your energy to carry out daily activities. However, taking too long a nap can make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Therefore, avoid taking too long naps. It's better to just give yourself 20 minutes to take a nap. Short naps provide additional energy and don't mess with your sleep cycle.

Some people find it difficult to fall asleep at night because they have a habit of staying up late or working overtime. So it is difficult to adjust the hours of sleep to return to normal.

Well, those are tips for regulating your sleep patterns to be regular. Hopefully this is useful and can help you get normal sleep hours again!

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