Apart from Phishing, Get to Know Other Digital Transaction Robbery Modes that Are More Troubled!

 We have never heard of a scam that drains finances digitally. But don't blame the technology right away, but fraudsters now who are also good at seeing opportunities! It's so scary..

You are also advised to be more vigilant when making digital transactions. These are some of the modes that are often used by perpetrators.


That is the modus operandi of fraudsters claiming to be from an official institution. In order to be more convincing they use information that is very similar to the official institution in question. Starting from the email, also the phone number.

Be careful, his speech can be very sweet, smooth, and believable when trying to trick you into a phone call.

Social Engineering

It is a deception that plays a psychological side. That is when the perpetrator manipulates the victim so that the victim unconsciously obeys the perpetrator by providing important information.

Perpetrators also often plan strategies carefully, such as already gathering background information about you.

Phraming Mobile

This one scam will direct its target to visit a fake website, where the system domain entry you click will be cached.

The website can also be made as closely as possible to the official institution, so it is very likely that you will believe it. However, the perpetrators actually have installed malware so that later they can access it illegally.

Money Mule

Fraudsters in this mode will ask you to transfer a certain amount of money to an account for later transfer to another account.

The mode is that potential victims are informed that they win prizes but must first transfer some money for taxes. Or another example for money laundry aka money laundering.


Perpetrators will illegally hack information through the victim's device network so that they can access applications that contain important data.

Usually a lot happens when using public Wi-Fi in public spaces, especially for digital transactions.

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