An explanation of why we often feel lazy or lazy to move when it rains

It's raining at night, it's still drizzling in the morning, does it make you lazy or lazy to move?

It's not just you, maybe you happen to find a friend or stranger you met on social media who claims the same thing. Why is that so?

Rainy Air Makes the Body Relax

Rain really makes us relax. Well, because there are supporting factors.

Among them are cool temperatures, white noise like the sound of running water. Because it's relaxed, that's why it's lazy.

White noise can also be the sound of rain on the roof or on the ground, which can have a calming effect. Or for example the sound of rain when it is quite heavy, so it can muffle other sounds that make us unable to sleep.

Not to mention the distinctive aroma when it rains on dry land which can also have a calming effect when you inhale it. So it's not surprising that some people like the smell of rain, or what is called petrichor.

The Factor of Lack of Sleep the Night Before

Your lack of sleep the night before will automatically increase your sleepiness, and add a chill and relaxed atmosphere.

And the reason why you can stagnate when it rains is also influenced by light. The reason is that it has something to do with the body's biological rhythms that receive these signals.

That is, when the light is bright, the body will read it to want to continue to move, while if there is not enough sun, the body will read it as time for the opposite.

But that doesn't mean that when it's dark, people fall asleep or anything. They won't fall asleep if they have healthy sleeping hours.

So even if you are lazy by nature, make sure you are still responsible for your duties and obligations, OK! Always have a regular bedtime so that you can work properly the next day.

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