Although Classic, These 5 Old-school Health Tips Can Extend Your Life 10 Years Longer According To Research


So far, you may have heard many health-related longevity tips. Starting from maintaining a diet, exercising, to avoiding stress. Although it sounds classic, but believe me these tips are true. At least that's what research says.

Quoted from Well and Good, scientists at Harvard T.H. The Chan School of Public Health formed an international team of researchers to discover how healthy lifestyle habits can extend life by up to 10 years.

On the other hand, a study published in The British Medical Journal and conducted since 1980, found that people over 50 years of age who have never smoked, maintain an ideal body weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and drink little alcohol, have a life span on earth of about 84 years or a decade longer than those who do not.

The following is a further explanation of the lifestyle habits that scientists say can increase the age range by up to ten years, compiled from Well and Good. Anything?

Reduce Alcohol Intake

The researchers suggest reducing daily alcohol consumption, given that research recently published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research found that alcohol-related deaths have more than doubled in the last decade.

Excessive alcohol intake has also been linked to early dementia. Another benefit of limiting alcohol is that it reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from heart disease.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Skinny body is not always a good idea to get a healthier body, but the ideal body weight is needed. Shauna Levy, MD, MS, a surgeon and assistant professor at Tulane University Medical Center, says obesity is still a serious medical problem.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that obesity increases the risk of chronic disease. Find out how to calculate the ideal weight HERE, yes.

Regular Exercise

How often do you find time to exercise each week? Quoted from Well and Good, devoting 3.5 hours to moderate to vigorous exercise each week, increases the range of health.

"Inactivity has very detrimental health consequences," says Ross Arena, PhD, a physical therapist. Exercise benefits blood vessel health, dementia risk, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and bone health.

Research shows that doing a combination of static and dynamic movements, such as strength training and running, has a big impact on heart health.

Do not smoke

Smoking ban in all healthy living practices is one of those cliché tips that you may often hear. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), smoking kills more Americans each year than drugs, alcohol, motor vehicle accidents, HIV, and guns.

This statement is supported by a 2015 study in The Annals of Epidemiology which showed that one in three cancer-related deaths in the US is caused by smoking. You can find professional help if you are in the addiction stage.

Eat Healthy Food

Another classic but proven tip to prolong life is to eat healthy foods. All diets may be good, but not all diets are suitable for everyone. So, you can see a nutritionist to find out what diet is right for you.

However, experts say the easiest way to eat healthy is with whole foods, fruits and vegetables. However, don't force yourself to eat foods you don't like.

"Food has to be fun, you have to eat what you like and want to eat," says Brigitte Zeitlin, RD, a registered dietitian in the United States.

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