Already know? These are 4 reasons why a mother needs to ask her father for help to take care of her baby

 Every parent must have an obligation in educating children, including monitoring the development and growth of the child. Not only mothers have the role of raising children, but fathers also have the same role in educating children. Even though fathers have other activities, it is good to still participate in educating their children.

Fathers have an influential role for the child's future, so that children can explore the world around them and have the ability to solve problems. In addition, the involvement of the father can also have an impact on the psychology of the child. Well, that's not all! Here are some reasons a mother asks a father for help to take care of her child. Check this out!

1. Children's Emotions Are More Stable

The role of fathers in caring for children is something that can affect the cognitive and social development of children. This is because the closeness between father and son can form an inner bond between the two, so that it can shape the psychological behavior of children to adulthood.

The presence of fathers from an early age can make children's emotions more stable. Meanwhile, children who grow up without the presence and attention of fathers tend to have unstable emotions and experience more behavioral problems while at school.

2. Better Motor Development

Children who get attention from fathers since childhood, will have better motor development. Fathers have many roles, such as fathers can be playmates, fathers can be mentors, and fathers can also be protectors.

When fathers can be playmates, fathers will tend to play one-on-one games, which can help children's motor development and children can regulate their emotions when involved in impulsive physical interactions, which indirectly the father's role can increase development. child's motor.

3. Improve Children's Cognitive Development

The involvement of fathers in raising children since childhood is very influential on the cognitive development of children. Cognitive development in question is such as memory, attention, and logical thinking. According to research, 5-month-old babies whose fathers are actively involved in parenting will have higher cognitive development scores than 1-year-old babies whose fathers have just been involved in parenting.

This can make children have the ability to solve problems well and have good thinking skills.

4. Increase Sense of Responsibility

When the father is close to the child since childhood, it will make the child more confident and able to overcome challenges, so that the child can take responsibility for his actions. This is because fathers usually like to give new challenges to their children, so that children can explore them.

Those are some of the reasons why fathers must play a role in caring for their children from an early age. So, don't miss it again!

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