Age is getting older but you are still alone without a partner, these 3 reasons may be the answer!


Having a partner is not always the pinnacle of happiness. As we know, there are many ways that one can do alone to get that feeling of happiness. However, some people also want a partner who can accompany them both joys and sorrows as they get older.

It's not always easy, many people also find it difficult to find a partner. Maybe you often wonder why, at your current age, no special people have come yet?

Now to answer this, let's look at 3 reasons that can be the answer to why you are still alone today. Read more here!

1. Be Ambivalent, Don't Want To Start Committing

Without realizing it, sometimes you may be ambivalent when it comes to commitment. According to the KBBI, ambivalent is a bifurcated attitude that contradicts each other (for example: loving and hating at the same time).

In this context, maybe you want to start a commitment with someone, but on the other hand you also don't want to because of being unprepared and various other reasons. Indirectly, this attitude will take you a long time to find a suitable partner to accompany you.

2. Too Busy Looking For The Perfect Man And Putting Happiness In Others

Who doesn't want to have the perfect partner? Of course, almost everyone wants to have the perfect partner to accompany their days. But again, this is a very impossible thing.

Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. Our job as a couple is to complement each other, both strengths and weaknesses. It won't be finished if we keep looking for the perfect one.

Especially if we put our happiness in other people. Ugh, this is going to be very difficult to happen. Therefore, if you really want to be happy, try to build happiness yourself.

3. Falling from Past Trauma and Treating Everything the Same

One of the reasons people feel at home or even forced to be single is because of past wounds. It is not easy to forget the pain of the bitter events that have been experienced in the past.

However, if you continue to stay and think everything is the same, it's also not good. Like the phrase "there is pain, there is happiness", therefore it's good to start walking again, because there will definitely be happiness waiting for you too. Keep your spirits up!

Those are 3 reasons that can be the answer to why at this age of maturity and increasing you are still alone without a partner. In your opinion, which one relates to you the most?

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