Afraid of Weight Gain during Year-End Holidays? These are 5 Tips for Maintaining Weight That You Must Try!

Year-end holidays are in sight. Maybe you have planned to do various activities to what dishes you will eat with your loved ones. However, it must be noted, weight gain is usually prone to occur during the year-end holidays, here!

Weight gain during the year-end holidays is a common problem for most people. Often because you get carried away, you may end up eating a variety of unhealthy foods and snacks. As a result, weight also increases.

But, no need to worry! The reason is, there are several ways you can do to enjoy the year-end holidays without fear of gaining weight. About anything? Let's check it out!

Stay Active

Some activities that are synonymous with year-end holidays are watching tv or a movie marathon while eating various dishes. But unfortunately, this activity is very easy to make your weight increase. Because, you just sit still while eating various foods (sometimes even excessively) without actively moving.

Therefore, it's a good idea to do some type of physical activity during the year-end holidays. It is proven to be able to control body weight. In addition to sports, an example of a simple physical activity that you can do is to take a walk with your family. In addition to being active, you can also take your mind off food so that your weight is maintained.

Eating Snacks in Moderate

Eating snacks or snacking is something that cannot be avoided during the year-end holidays. But often, the snacks consumed include unhealthy foods and can actually increase weight.

When you spend the year-end holidays at home, the solution is to keep snacks out of sight. However, this may be quite difficult to do if you spend the year-end holidays with friends or family outside the home.

To overcome this, you can try to pay attention to snacking habits. If you eat snacks just because there are snacks around, not because you are hungry, then you should avoid them.

If you are hungry, it's better to eat big instead of snacking. Even if possible, choose snacks that are healthy and don't cause weight gain, such as fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

Consumption of Lots of Protein

Usually, food during the year-end holidays is rich in carbohydrates but low in protein. In fact, protein is an important nutrient if you want to maintain weight. Because protein can make you feel full longer which can prevent overeating.

Protein can help reduce hunger and control appetite. In addition, protein is also beneficial for weight control because it increases metabolism and levels of appetite-reducing hormones. Some foods that are good sources of protein are fish, eggs, meat, whole grains, and nuts.

Pay attention to the portion of the meal

During the year-end holidays, the atmosphere of gathering with loved ones must be very pleasant. No wonder if this finally makes your mood improve and eventually tends to eat larger portions than usual.

In fact, eating larger portions tends to make it easier to gain weight. If you don't want to gain weight, then try to control your portions and use a smaller dinner plate.

Enough sleep

Are you among those who like to stay up late during the year-end holidays? Yup, staying up late at the end of the year feels unavoidable, because there are many activities that can keep you awake until the early hours of the morning. Starting from chatting with family, playing games, or just watching a series that is already on the watch list.

However, this lack of sleep can actually cause weight gain, you know! The reason is when you are sleep deprived, you will tend to be hungrier and consume more calories but not accompanied by enough exercise. Therefore, try to get enough sleep, yes!

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