Adolescents who aren't dating are less likely to be depressed, really? Check the Facts Here!


Adolescence is a period in which a person has a high level of curiosity about various things, one of which is in a romantic relationship. Having a relationship alias dating is one of the things that seems quite important for teenagers.

With feelings that are still very passionate, not a few teenagers believe that dating is a source of happiness. So that those who are not dating aka single are sometimes labeled with an unfavorable status and are considered less slang.

However, a study revealed that teens who are not dating have higher social skills and are less likely to experience depression, you know! Wow, how come? Come on, see the explanation below!

Adolescents who are not dating are less likely to be depressed

A study published in the Journal of School Health revealed that teens who choose not to date have better social skills and leadership skills than teens who are dating. They are also said to be less likely to experience depression.

"We know that romantic relationships are very common among teens. In fact, the majority of teens engage in some type of romantic experience between the ages of 15 and 17," says Brooke Douglas, Ph.D. researchers at the University of Georgia, quoted from CNN.

"It is well known that romantic relationships are important for the individual development and well-being of adolescents. So that led us to ask: What does that say about teens who don't date? Are they not socially compatible?" he added.

Adolescents who are not dating have a high spirit of leadership

This study was originally conducted in 2013 . The study revealed a number of dating patterns among the students; some students date more frequently as they get older, while others take a break from romantic relationships at various times.

However, Douglas is attracted to a group of teenagers who rarely date or even never date. So, Douglas and Orpinsas conducted a survey of 549 10th grade high school students to find out, as quoted from ABC News.

As a result, the group of teens as a whole was rated as having higher levels of social and leadership skills. They are also mentally healthier and less depressed than teens who are dating.

Break the Presumption of Teenagers Must Dating

The study, said Douglas, can break the notion that is often believed that teenagers should date. To be able to socialize well, they don't have to be in a romantic relationship. In fact, teens who don't date can still have a fine social life.

"They don't lack social competence in general, they have friends, like teenagers on a date," Douglas said.

However, there are limitations to the study, where relying on interview surveys could lead to bias. Moreover, the students who are respondents may feel uncomfortable when discussing sensitive topics, such as depression and suicide.

Douglas also stressed that based on the results of the study, it does not mean that teenagers should not date. Being single is a choice teens can make, and it's not going to make them geeky teens or socially retarded.

"This study confirms that it doesn't matter if teenagers decide to date or not. Both are acceptable and healthy," he concluded.

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