According to psychologists, these 5 signs prove that someone is mentally strong! Checks, Including You?


Recently, the issue of mental health has become a hot topic of discussion. Many people are now increasingly aware of their own mental health, and are trying to overcome it in various ways.

Unfortunately, in addition to this, there are a lot of untrue facts related to mental health in society. One of the things that got crowded was about what kind of strong mental sign someone had.

Answering this and straightening out the untrue facts about strong mental signs, Hotpascaman Simbolon, a Psychologist and Lecturer in Medan shares some of the signs according to what he has learned during his time as a psychologist.

So what are the signs of a strong mentality? Here's a full explanation, as reported by the TikTok Hotpascaman Simbolon upload video.

1. Understand and Accept Himself

The first sign of someone having a strong mentality is that he can understand and accept himself. Of course, if we understand and are able to accept ourselves well, it will be easy for us to go through various kinds of obstacles in life.

It is not other people who have to understand and accept us, but ourselves who have to understand and start it.

2. Able to Manage Positive and Negative Emotions

Not everyone is always well. There are times when he has positive emotions, there are also times when he is not well and has negative emotions.

Someone who has a strong mentality is he who can and is able to manage these positive and negative emotions as well as possible. It's not that he is always in positive emotions, but rather that he can and is able to manage all the emotions he feels as well as possible.

3. Maintain interaction with the environment by not always following social demands

Furthermore, someone who has a strong mentality is someone who can maintain interaction with the surrounding environment by not always following social demands. Where the presence of other people around him is used as a reference, not a priority.

With this, he can stay happy in his life and not be stressed because he always follows social demands.

4. Understand the Progress of Self Development

His name, life is always a process. Someone who has a strong mentality is he who understands the progress of his development.

Because it is not someone else, it is the one who must understand his own development. So that if at any time there is a problem that he must experience, he alone can handle it well.

5. Know the Situations to Ask for Help and Able to Be Grateful

The last sign of someone having a strong mentality is that he knows the situation that makes him ask for help and is able to celebrate gratitude in an appropriate way.

Of course, everyone is not always in good condition, he who has a strong mentality does not mean he cannot accept outside help, but he must know when to ask for help.

Or when he celebrates his success, someone with a strong mentality must know how to properly celebrate it.

Beauties, that's 5 signs someone has a strong mentality.

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