A Person's Personality from His Phobia, Fear of Clowns Is an Honest Person!


Phobias are feelings of excessive fear of certain objects, animals, people, foods, and situations. There are several factors why a person may develop a phobia, such as life experiences, brain development, genetics, and mental health.

Not only shows the existence of trauma to something, the types of phobias can also show a person's true personality, you know. Curious? Let's scroll down!

Fear of Clowns

According to Scientific American, someone who has a fear of clowns exhibits a personality that values ​​honesty. This is because this phobia, which is also known as coulrophobia, is related to a person's dislike of clowns who are described as 'cheaters'.

Fear of Darkness

Fear of the dark or also called nyctophobia is not always a bad thing, you know. Reporting from Medical Daily, people who experience excessive fear of the dark show an imaginative personality. When it is pitch dark, they will automatically imagine something scary.

Fear of Public Speaking

Not everyone feels comfortable or confident when speaking in public. Well, people who are afraid to speak in public are called glassophobia. According to the Fear of Encyclopedia, someone who has this type of phobia is a person who is easily insecure, wants perfection, and tends to find justification for his own arguments.

Fear of Heights

Fear of heights or acrophobia is the most common type of phobia. People who have a phobia of heights are usually anxious, frustrated, or even faint when they are in high places.

According to Pyschology Today, people with acrophobia are perfectionists and imaginatives. In addition, they are also easily temperamental and do not like things that they do not plan.

Afraid of Crowds

The last phobia is the fear of crowds or agoraphobia. People who have this type of phobia will usually avoid social interactions. Reporting from Pyschology Today, agoraphobia can show the personality of someone who is careful and wary of other people. As a result, they tend to have trust issues.

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