A Person's Personality Can Be Seen From These 5 Courses


Choosing the right college major is one of the most important decisions to make. Because, this decision can affect a person's career and life in the future. So, do not be surprised if many people need time to decide.

Interestingly, this chosen college major does not only affect a person's career and life, but can also reveal what kind of personality he has. Hmm... So you're curious, aren't you? Instead of being curious, let's just look at the human personality based on the majors taken as reported by Bustle below.


Someone who majors in education in the field of education is known as someone who is personally social, likes to help, is patient, and has high empathy. They are also cheerful, sociable, and have good verbal skills. So, don't be surprised if you have a wide circle of friends.


In contrast to a very sociable education major, someone who majors in engineering is known as a person who is realistic, has good analytical skills, and is creative.

In addition, someone who majored in engineering also tends to be skeptical. They only believe what other people say if it is supported by concrete evidence. So, if your boyfriend, crush, or closest friend takes this major, it's better for you to prove your word than to make promises. After all, it's useless they won't believe it without proof.


Those who major in business generally have personalities that are socially intelligent, friendly, and don't like to be lazy. Time is money is their life motto. So, don't be surprised if they are known as productive individuals.

In addition, their friendly and warm personality also makes it easier for them to expand their network. For them, expanding their network is very important for their business development. However, on the other hand, they are also very picky, aka picky in determining which people are suitable as acquaintances or friends.


Those who majored in literature, most likely tend to have an introverted personality. Eits! Not that they are shy and anti-social, yes. It's just that they prefer to be alone or sit in the corner of the library reading a super thick novel.

Another advantage of those who have an introverted personality is their sharp analytical ability. They may appear quiet on the outside, but their minds are actually very noisy and busy analyzing. For example, analyzing the storyline of a film or novel that you just finished reading.


Analytical, sensitive, and empathetic are personality traits of someone majoring in Psychology. They also assume that behind everything that happens there must be a reason and cause. So, they don't want to judge something just from what it looks like. If the saying goes 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.

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